Ross Dawe new mayor of Cupids

Terry Roberts
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Staffing controversy, leadership vacuum resolved

Ross Dawe is now mayor of the Town of Cupids.

The embattled Cupids town council will have a new person at the helm for the final eight months of its four-year term.

Ross Dawe was appointed mayor during a regular meeting of council on Tuesday, Feb. 5, ending a temporary leadership vacuum created when former mayor Ron Laracy unexpectedly resigned from council on Jan. 29.

Council also appears to have resolved a staffing issue that was threatening to hurl the town of some 760 residents into chaos, both from an administrative and maintenance perspective.

The longtime town clerk had tendered her resignation late last month, and the maintenance employee, who is also responsible for snowclearing, was also threatening to quit.

The dispute revolved around a proposed pay increase that was rejected by a majority of councillors at a privileged meeting last month.

Faced with the loss of its two employees, council convened an emergency meeting on Friday, Feb. 1 and agreed to offer both a $1 per hour wage increase.

The increase was accepted by both employees, and they have agreed to stay on the job.

The pay increase was ratified during Tuesday’s public meeting.

The town has also been hobbled by financial difficulties, and was unable to make its final payment of $52,000 in 2012 to pay off the long-term debt. The escalating cost of maintenance for the backhoe, garbage truck and snowplow truck is also squeezing the town’s limited coffers.

To illustrate this, councillors were observed during Tuesday’s meeting, sifting through a long list of invoices and designating those that were a priority for payment, while deferring others.

“We don’t have the cash to pay them all,” said Mayor Dawe.

The town clerk noted this was “normal” for this time of year, since tax invoices to residents and businesses have only recently been distributed.

Dawe, meanwhile, was deputy mayor, and became acting mayor following Laracy’s departure.

Harold Akerman replaces Dawe as deputy mayor.

Both were elected by acclamation during a meeting attended by only four of the six remaining members of council. Also in attendance were councillors Kevin Connolly and Doug Furey, while Christine Burry and Harvey Puddister were absent.

Four is the minimum number of councillors that can be present in order to make the proceedings of the meeting valid.

Council will finish out its term with a vacancy, with provincial municipal elections scheduled for Sept. 24. 

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Recent comments

  • Relieved Resident
    February 12, 2013 - 12:45

    Congratulations Mr Dawe, for stepping up to the plate. I have to say though, I thought you were mayor all along, every function I attended , you were the one speaking on behalf of our community, and representing it well, you were not socializing at certain venues. I can honestly say our community is in good hands with you in the mayor's chair. You have the best interest of the community at heart, your volunteering over many years shouldn't leave any doubt in anyone’s mind that your intentions are first and foremost of the betterment of the community. It's also good to see you and Mr Harold Ackerman speaking up for your workers, appreciating the work they do. I thought it is pretty hypocritical of the former mayor to reject a raise for the towns maintence man. He is working for the town of South River with a salary quite a bit higher than that being paid by the town he was the mayor of ...DOING THE SAME WORK. , I have no respect for hypocritical people, none.....good to see him out of the mayors chair .

    • Relieved Resident
      February 12, 2013 - 13:21

      SORRY...... My email of Feb 12--13 should have said Clarkes Beach and not South River,,,still hypritical no matter what town he is working for.

  • citizen of cupids
    February 11, 2013 - 11:39

    Oh my oh my name calling..... run a town like like you run a household ,if theres no money to pay bills you do not go out to a expensive restaurant to eat, no one has all the answers,you work with what you have,if the job is too STRESSFUL look for another less stressful theres lots of work out there ,hope to see your name on the ballot in sept. i could say a lot more, i dont the compass would print it...

  • Resident
    February 08, 2013 - 12:28

    In response to Citizen of Cupids, I guess they are entitled to a raise because they do work for a living . You say you are living on a fixed income maybe you should ask your employer for a raise...especially if it's not the Government....I honestly can't see the problem in people trying to better themselves or trying to stay in line with workers doing the same work in the immediate area.In your spare time maybe you should look at the salary being paid by the other councils in the immediate area and compare them. I, as a working citizen of the community ... who do like and get a raise for the work I do...would never do the work they do for the money they are paid, nor would I ever put my name forward for council , because of negative people like you. I would never put that much stress in my life. It''s so easy to sit back and criticize people who volunteer their time who have the best interest of a Community , if you have all the answers maybe you should put your name forward and do things to help the community. People like you bring nothing negativity and discourage people who are interested in helping improve the community to putting their name forward for council. Hoping to see your name put forward for the next council.......I'm sure with all your expertise and know how ,you can really make a difference....

  • james sparkes
    February 07, 2013 - 08:57

    citizens of cupids if you are so upset of your towns workers of getting there raises how come you are not out working for the town instead of someone outside of your community doing the work for your town which i might add is the lowest paying town for its workers so my advice to you is put up or shutup

  • concerned citizen
    February 07, 2013 - 08:35

    I wish to make a correction made in my last post .The amount of payment to the gov, since 2001 should have read every 6 months certainly not 2 weeks

  • concerned citizen
    February 07, 2013 - 08:16

    The town couldn't make the final payment of $52,000 on a long term debt.The actual amount is $52,270.98,a payment thats been made every two weeks since 2001.This was the remaining amount left after the newly elected council,of the day,managed to convince the government to write off 1-1.5 million dollars.This debt was incured by the council of 1993-2001 hiring: lawyers,engineers,consultants surveyers etc. attempting to secure Point Beach and the land surrounding salt water pond.This is happening again,a poster at the post office reveals a meeting is taking place Feb.12 to change the wording of the municipal plan.This change opens the door for the council to proceed with securing the beach and expropiating lands around the pond,and yes there will be a consultant present.Taxpayers money thats been used to pay this past debt,and (most likely) future debt could go a long in to improve roads,water and sewer,ditches etc.Remember the next election is Sept.24

  • Kevin Power
    February 06, 2013 - 20:05

    Not a very easy position for any of the Town Councillors, in Cupids or elsewhere. Lot's of demands for money, lots of bills to pay, shrinking revenues and not much, if any appreciation for your work and efforts. My hat is off to anyone who would take on this responsibility, either as a Councillor or Mayor, for little or no pay, Don't expect too many thank you cards in the mail.

  • citizen of cupids
    February 06, 2013 - 14:17

    Just have to make a comment on the raises ,i guess it will always work throw in the keys and threaten to quit,cry wolf and get my raise,when there is no money to pay bills ,still get a raise off one dollar a hour ,this is normal...give me a break....why are they entitled for a raise... we as taxpayers live on a fixed income have to survive we do not get a raise, but our taxes went up quite a lot ...time for the people in this town to wake up...