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Public Advisory: Provincial Government and partners working to address flood damage in Central Region

The Department of Transportation and Works advises that crews have been on site at locations in the central region, working to repair damage to roads caused by heavy rain last night.

Signs and barricades were erected last night and crews were working throughout the night to make repairs where possible. Some areas have received over 70 mm of rain, with more forecasted over the next 24 hours.


Currently, impacted areas include:

·       Route 413 (Burlington area) – a section of the road is closed due to water impacts. Transportation and Works crews will begin repairs once water levels subside.

·       Route 391 (King’s point area) – repairs have been carried out to a section of the road that was impacted overnight, and it is now passable.

·       Route 320 and 330 (Bonavista North) – routes are open. The department is monitoring and will begin any necessary repairs once water levels subside.

·       Routes 333-21 (Fogo Island) – the road is passable and repairs will begin when weather conditions allow.


Transportation and Works crews in the central region are also monitoring road infrastructure in the Milltown, Gambo/Hare Bay and Greenspond areas.


While progress is slowed in some areas due to continuing rainfall, the department advises that all equipment, crews and additional resources such as contractors, where necessary, are engaged and working to make repairs to roads that have been damaged.


The department is working with the RCMP, Fire and Emergency Services–Newfoundland and Labrador (FES-NL) and the municipalities affected. FES-NL is also in regular contact with the affected communities and emergency management partners in the region and is providing advice and guidance as needed.


Communities can contact FES-NL at 709-729-3703 (24 hours a day) for assistance.

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