Mother fights for device to be covered by MCP/insurance

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Says it could save her diabetic daughter’s life

Rachel Brace sits with her mother, Kimberely, at their kitchen table. Rachel’s diabetes is so severe, she has her blood sugars checked at least 10 times a day. — Photo by Josh Pennell/The Telegram

When first meeting her, Rachel Brace seems like any other eight-year-old girl, albeit a little more outgoing than some.

When you learn Rachel’s story, that smile on her face seems all the more exceptional.

At 15 months old, Rachel’s parents started to notice something wasn’t quite right about her. She couldn’t stand properly. Her mother, Kimberely Brace, thought there was something wrong with Rachel’s feet or legs.

It turned out to be a very severe case of Type 1 diabetes.

By the age of four, Rachel was having her fingers poked at least 10 times a day for blood-sugar testing and was receiving up to eight needles of insulin a day.  

“It’s devastating to have to poke a little girl that many times,” says Brace.

Some relief came when Rachel got an insulin pump after being on the list for one, but the child’s schedule and that of her parents is still rough, to say the least.

It starts at 6:30 a.m. and involves her mother going to school at some point every day to check on her. After Rachel goes to bed at 8:30 at night, one of her parents checks her blood sugar levels at 10:30 p.m. and then again at 3 a.m. Rachel is so accustomed to it she doesn’t wake up when her parents prick her fingers.

Even with such diligence, Rachel’s diabetes is oppressive enough to be a threat.

“I’ve been stood up in the kitchen and she collapses on the floor,” says Brace.

That kind of thing can happen about once a month, she adds. They’ve almost lost Rachel four times since she developed diabetes.

But there’s something new on the medical technology market that could make life for the Braces a lot easier and Rachel’s, in particular, a lot safer.

It’s called a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS).



The CGMS is a sensor that’s injected under the skin and sends continuous readings of blood-sugar levels via a transmitter to the insulin pump throughout the day and night.

The CGMS identifies fluctuations and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed, even with the work Rachel’s parents are already putting into monitoring her sugar levels. It detects dangerously low overnight blood-sugar levels and high blood-sugar levels that can spike between meals. It can also help identify how things like diet and exercise affect the blood sugars, giving Rachel a shot at a more normal life. Her diabetes is so unpredictable now that  Rachel is almost confined to the house Brace says. She has never been to a sleep-over because her sugar levels have to be checked throughout the night. She requires constant monitoring and care, Brace says.             

The CGMS takes 288 sugar readings a day. Every five minutes it sends a new reading to the insulin pump. After six days, the sensor is replaced.

“This is the next thing to a pancreas. ... This is the best that it’s going to get for as long as it’s going to be,” says Brace.

Of particular value to the Braces is the fact the CGMS will send an alert 15 minutes before Rachel’s sugars go low or high. This will help Rachel in adjusting her insulin before the drop or rise actually happens, her mother says.

Right now, Rachel gets 10 to 15 finger pokes each day, more when she’s sick. And that’s been the case every day for the past seven years. With the CGMS, she would need just two to keep the pump calibrated and keep it active — one in the morning and one at night.

Twelve fewer finger pricks a day would be life-changing for Rachel, says Brace.

The problem is the CGMS is beyond the Braces financial abilities and neither their insurance nor MCP will cover the device.



The initial cost of the CGMS is $1,500, though there is a $700 promotion price on now that ends April 26. After that initial purchase, there’s a cost of $350 per month.

Brace had to quit work years ago to take care of Rachel. She and her husband also have two other young children. Their medical insurance is quite good, covering the barrage of other medical costs Rachel’s condition requires, but they still have to pay for it up front before being reimbursed. Between the prescriptions and the regular drugstore purchases needed, their bills in that area alone added up to more than $10,000 last year.  

Her insurance company told her there are probably only five companies in the country that would cover the cost of the CGMS. Since the new technology was released on March 25, she’s been emailing everybody from the premier to members of both opposition parties — anybody she thinks might be able to help .

So far the message has been the same, she says.  

“Sorry. It’s not covered.”

There’s another line Brace often hears that’s even more frustrating.

“It’s a sin that you’re working people.”

That line particularly grates Brace.

“I don’t think that your child’s life should depend on if you work or if you don’t work. If you have credit cards or if you don’t. Or if you have money in the bank,” she says.

As for Rachel, she doesn’t sugar-coat much when asked about how it feels to be jabbed 10 plus times a day.

“It hurts!” she says.

When her sugars drop, she says she feels weird. Her mother is worried that so many fluctuations in her daughter’s sugars will lead to larger problems later in Rachel’s life.

“With all the ups and downs and all the highs and lows ... someday Rachel is going to have trouble with her kidneys.”

Brace says the CGMS will put a stop to the fluctuations because it lets the diabetic know before the sugars drop or spike too much.

It’s tempting to just charge the price of the device, she says, but financially it’s too risky, even with the benefits to her daughter’s life.

In the meantime there’s no break from the work and managing the risk of Rachel’s condition.

“Diabetes don’t take a vacation. Diabetes don’t sleep. This is 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Brace.

As for who to contact next, Brace is out of ideas. She says the only thing for her to do is to continue being mother, doctor and nurse for her daughter morning, afternoon and night.

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  • mama of a T1D
    January 16, 2016 - 23:04

    ok did not read all the comments but did read some.. let me say if lady had to quit her job it was for a good reason.. my daughter was dignosed age 6 now 8. i to had to quit my job why cause no one was will to step up and help care for her well at school we went from a 2 income family down to 1. i go to my daughters school 4 times every day,trust me i wish i could go back. but that wont happen till my child is older and can do this on her own well at school. i pray for that lady who has so much hate(lisa) i pray you will never have to have a child with type 1 diabetes this is a life you never want your feet in trust me.. i pary one day we do have covage for this i also pray that we get a law passed in our school for our children with type 1 ,the most scarriet thing is sending your child to school or to bed not knowing they will be safe.. i can no longer cont how many times in the night i check on my daughter i walk into her room hold my breath till i get to her. you see she could die well sleeping due to a low blood sugar , like last night when my daughter was 2.7 if she had aa cgm i would of caught that way before she went that low.. the cost i pay every week to just keep her alive is so high sometime i cant pay my hydro.. maybe you can come do her bg checks at school so i can go back to work, maybe you want to come and sit up till 1 am to check her bg then again at 4 am. how about you try running on 4 hr sleep everyday for 2 years and know this is the only sleep you will ever get till you child grows up and can do it on her own. how about you come pay for some of her medical needs. maybe you want your child to sit in her room and cry cause she has type 1 diabetes and cant be normal like her friends. how about sitting there holding your daughter cry cause she dont want no more needles (can i skip this one mommy my legs hurt my arms hurt my back side huts my belly hurts cause she get 4 needles some time 5 a day... so before you go saying ppl are looking for hand out think what we are going though think how this can save our children. so be so hateful. be blessed you have a wonderful like where you dont have to worried if your kid is going to die. be happy you are healthey...and stop hating..

  • LisaDrover
    September 08, 2013 - 22:19

    I am at school every now and again and I have been at a few coffees at Tim's. Not so many over the summer. I love Kim and Rachael and I sincerely hope that Rachael gets the medical device she requires for a long and healthy live. This device will not only provide Rachael with a better chance of a long and healthy life, however, it will save the medical system money as well. It is actually cheaper to have this device than to purchase all of the required items to stick the child with needles each day and test. I agree with the statement Kim made in her interview. I do no think that a child's life should depend on whether you have money in the bank - after all, here in Canada, that's why we pay such a high tax rate. I think little miss "Lisa" has missed the point entirely; and our parent below me had it right. "Lisa" is obviously out to say something nasty to Kim and doesn't have the guts to do it. Find a suitable forum and don't forget, there is a child's health at stake. The real Lisa

  • Lisa Drover
    September 08, 2013 - 22:15

    I am at school every now and again and I have been at a few coffees at Tim's. Not so many over the summer. I love Kim and Rachael and I sincerely hope that Rachael gets the medical device she requires for a long and healthy live. This device will not only provide Rachael with a better chance of a long and healthy life, however, it will save the medical system money as well. It is actually cheaper to have this device than to purchase all of the required items to stick the child with needles each day and test. I agree with the statement Kim made in her interview. I do no think that a child's life should depend on whether you have money in the bank - after all, here in Canada, that's why we pay such a high tax rate. I think little miss "Lisa" has missed the point entirely; and our parent below me had it right. "Lisa" is obviously out to say something nasty to Kim and doesn't have the guts to do it. Find a suitable forum and don't forget, there is a child's health at stake. The real Lisa

  • Lisa Drover
    September 08, 2013 - 22:12

    I am at school every now and again and I have been at a few coffees at Tim's. Not so many over the summer. I love Kim and Rachael and I sincerely hope that Rachael gets the medical device she requires for a long and healthy live. This device will not only provide Rachael with a better chance of a long and healthy life, however, it will save the medical system money as well. It is actually cheaper to have this device than to purchase all of the required items to stick the child with needles each day and test. I agree with the statement Kim made in her interview. I do no think that a child's life should depend on whether you have money in the bank - after all, here in Canada, that's why we pay such a high tax rate. I think little miss "Lisa" has missed the point entirely; and our parent below me had it right. "Lisa" is obviously out to say something nasty to Kim and doesn't have the guts to do it. Find a suitable forum and don't forget, there is a child's health at stake. The real Lisa

  • Lisa Drover
    September 08, 2013 - 22:09

    I am at school every now and again and I have been at a few coffees at Tim's. Not so many over the summer. I love Kim and Rachael and I sincerely hope that Rachael gets the medical device she requires for a long and healthy live. This device will not only provide Rachael with a better chance of a long and healthy life, however, it will save the medical system money as well. It is actually cheaper to have this device than to purchase all of the required items to stick the child with needles each day and test. I agree with the statement Kim made in her interview. I do no think that a child's life should depend on whether you have money in the bank - after all, here in Canada, that's why we pay such a high tax rate. I think little miss "Lisa" has missed the point entirely; and our parent below me had it right. "Lisa" is obviously out to say something nasty to Kim and doesn't have the guts to do it. Find a suitable forum and don't forget, there is a child's health at stake. The real Lisa

  • Lisa Drover
    September 08, 2013 - 22:05

    I am at school every now and again and I have been at a few coffees at Tim's. Not so many over the summer. I love Kim and Rachael and I sincerely hope that Rachael gets the medical device she requires for a long and healthy live. This device will not only provide Rachael with a better chance of a long and healthy life, however, it will save the medical system money as well. It is actually cheaper to have this device than to purchase all of the required items to stick the child with needles each day and test. I agree with the statement Kim made in her interview. I do no think that a child's life should depend on whether you have money in the bank - after all, here in Canada, that's why we pay such a high tax rate. I think little miss "Lisa" has missed the point entirely; and our parent below me had it right. "Lisa" is obviously out to say something nasty to Kim and doesn't have the guts to do it. Find a suitable forum and don't forget, there is a child's health at stake. The real Lisa

  • parent
    April 30, 2013 - 13:07

    Lisa; Did you ever stop and think that being out free in their camper is the only sense of a normal life that these kids have. Their lives are filled with medical appointments, medicine and way too many needles. Being out camping, I can see these kids running free not worrying about all that awaits them in the "real world". Maybe the government should take the money from the coverage of nicotine patches to cover such life saving expenses for our children, they are after all, the future of this province. Lets face it, get your nic fix or buy food for you children which do you think should be the choice that smokers will make? Let them kick their own habit or pay for it themselves! I have seen this mom at schoo many, many times. Guess what she does? She voulnteers at our childrens school and spends alot of time raising money to help send diabetic kids to summer camp, no, not only her kid but other kids as well. I hope if you have children and God forbid either of them ever gets diagnosed with diabetes, the fight that Kim is fighting may benefit your child. Did you ever think of that? Her fight will not only benefit her child, but many, many children throughout the province. As for you my dear, I think you have a severe case of "poor me" complex. As well as self praise for being a single parent, I guess self praise is better that no praise.

  • Lisa
    April 24, 2013 - 09:17

    Ohhh.. trying to call me out by guessing the possible make of my car. If I did have a Toyota, if I did have heated seats, that's ok; I am not the one looking for a handout. My kids have everything provided to them by me, a single working mom. I provide for my kids before trying to get any extras. Maybe Kim should try the same thing?

    • Friend
      April 24, 2013 - 09:41

      You just called your own self out in that comment and it is also okay if Kim has heated seats (which is very comfy in the winter time) ...And Lisa I think you are really missing the whole point here....Kim is not looking for a handout...Kim is looking to have certain materials trying to be covered by insurance and MCP but you need to vent so this is very therapeutic for you...enjoy your day ;)

    • Lisa
      April 24, 2013 - 12:21

      Still think she is just looking for a handout personally. My opinion. You can come talk to me at the school if you prefer. Have yourself a lovely day as well, friend.

    • Friend
      April 25, 2013 - 12:47

      Definitely entitled to your opinion is too crowded I wouldn't be able to find you...are you there everyday..or maybe coffee at Tims...

    • Friend Support
      April 26, 2013 - 17:46

      OMG ,is what I first thought when I started to read these heartbreaking Negative comments from such ignorant people! NEVER have I EVER saw something like this amongst Public figures to single out a Mother for trying to keep her daughter alive longer, to make her feel so little about what disgraceful things you mentioned about her,You all DISGUST me. Its heartbreaking enough Kim,Rachael and their family have to go through this unfourtunate ordeal everyday and to have some Random people who knows obviously NOTHING about this family other than what you "WANT TO SEE" Its Really a LOW shot,I can't imagine what kind of MOTHER figure you are to your child/children to even start this on here!I FEEL for you and your child/children because of how you are and the examples you set,PLEASE GOD your child isn't reading everything you write, cause that would be so CRUEL to have a child act in this behavior,so childish and Jealous.YOU REALLY should start thinking of your own and not be worrying about what others are doing in their lives with their children....SO WHAT if the Brace's have things that others may not ,Is this what this whole thing is about?...SORRY "REALITY CHECK HERE" ,Kim isn't making this all about her and her family shes fighting for all children who have to go through this everyday. I have known kim for a couple of years now and I can honestly say she NEVER asks for anything,she's the one giving the "HANDOUTS" to others,she is a very thoughtful,kind,loving,gentle mother and acts like a mother to all children,she has such a huge heart. and without her HANDOUTS the children at the school wouldn't have certain benefits either.Again I have to mention its gotta be a jealousy thing,What Kim can volunteer her time to help all children at her children's school and you can't??..ITS so FRIGHTENING to close your eyes at night and think that the next time she checks on her is she going to be alive or not,THAT ALONE is reason enough to FIGHT for this device...Maybe whom ever ye are should start taking your own advice and "GROW UP"..Your suppose to be grown, "HA", I think your child /children will out do the maturity level your at right now!!!!!...Kim doesn't know who you are WHICH IS EVEN MORE SAD THAT you don't have the GUTS enough to come talk to her yourself,so who is to say that you yourself haven't been through this and ASKED FOR" HANDOUTS"! Maybe you did and didn't get any satisfaction and your afraid Kim will get the help she needs,like I said this all seems like some JEALOUSY plot to take her down!!Now I knows why your SINGLE PARENTS, GROSS!!!!!!!!....Kim my dear you really don't have to worry about these excuses for parents on here,your friends know and the school knows how much you do for your family and STRANGERS and anyone who do know you would BE SO LUCKY!!..KEEP your head held high and keep up the fight...LOVE FRIEND SUPPORT

  • Unbelievable
    April 23, 2013 - 13:58

    I am quite surprised by the comments made by Sheila / Lisa / Laughing at you as it seems by the grammer used that this is one in the same person. If you read the article instead of skimming through it, better yet READ THE TITLE, you will clearly see that this is a mother fighting to have a life saving device covered by MCP. Nowhere in the article did it mention wanting hand outs. I applaud Kim for the work she is doing, not only for her family and friends, but for the Diabetes Assoc in general. Sheila you do not know the lengths that Kim has gone to support this Association. If you know what really goes on in this families life you would not dare to write your comments. Only a person who has a shallow life would write something like you did. It does not matter what Kim and her family own. She is fighting to get this device covered for EVERYONE in Newfoundland not just her daughter. Are you saying that they should give up everything they own and go on welfare....but then again if they were on WELFARE this device might just be covered. Seems like that is the way to go lately. You have drug addicts getting methadone treatments for FREE but yet some are not using this as a treatment but using this as FREE DRUGS. But yet you critize a young girl fighting for a little bit of freedom from having to being poked 15 times a day , not knowing when her sugars will go up or down and when she will end up in the hospital AGAIN. To mention very personal things would mean that you are someone, although you say you have never spoken to Kim, that is closer than we think. How would you know if her car has leather or heated seats???? As you mention you have overheard Kim at the school means your child attends the same school probably in the same class. I hope your child never has to experience the life that Rachel has lived so far. As well I hope your child do not inherit your characteristics. To make this a personal attack on the mother when she is fighting for her daughter and all the sons and daughters of parents with this disease is digusting. Sadly enough if you needed help or your family needed help Kim would be one of the first people to offer anything you need. Keep that in mind each time you look at her daughter. I do not know if you are jealous of Kim or obsessed with her. Kim we all love you , Rachel and your entire family. Keep fighting and those who matter most will fight right next to you.

  • Darlene Kendell
    April 22, 2013 - 15:42

    Kim and her husband is a good people.. I wish i had them for my parent but i wouldn't change it. But i know kim very good.. she is a good mom and good friend and she will fight for what is right... i am proud of you kim for what you did.. Racheal deserved it... she is a brave little girl.... And working or not working MCP/INSURANCE should pay for stuff like that.. And all people don't have to work..... kim is doing to very good job and i am very proud of her.. She is a strong and caring person. And i know kim that she will fight for her kids and her friends and anybody that needed it.. I love you andi miss you... Hold your head up high...

  • Just a working mom
    April 22, 2013 - 13:44

    I will wade into this debate here to say I am forever grateful to have healthy children and not have to face at the very least, the emotional turmoil that goes with any sickness. I can only hope it stays this way because life is short and we don't know when we will be grabbed by the feet and whipped upside down by a life changing event. As someone who works in health care/research - I can tell you that health care is something that is constantly changing. The way we treat diseases such as diabetes has changed drastically from the past. It will continue to change. Bring in the new treatment and decrease the strain on the system and the patient. It's happening all the time in healthcare - thankfully!!! Lets not sit back and say "oh yes -looking for more money' but be amazed and be grateful that we live in an age where we can see terrible diseases kept at bay - for those of you worried about cost - would you not think this is a means of eventually reducing costs?

  • Darryl S
    April 22, 2013 - 13:30

    People making personal assumptions about the character & values of those who are advocating, in attempt to make it seem like that somehow affects the facts of the matter & the need for that which they are advocating for, says more about their own values & character than those towards whom they are making assumptions.

  • Kimberely
    April 22, 2013 - 12:20

    Lisa if that's your name ... I'd like to know who you are. Hummmmmm So it's ok for us as a family to HAVE husband works and we have insurance an because the mcp and the insurance won't pay this 700.00reg 1500.00 you think that's it.... my god girl maybe you should do the math it's not only 700.00 it will cost us another 5000.00 a year along with the 10,000 we pay now you needs to get a sick child I have 3 with medical needs ..... Then you should shoot your mouth around a bit more when u pay out of your pocket what we pay out of ours ..... This is not only for Rachel this is for every child out there. Who needs someone to stand up for them So if your standing at our doors your child must be 8 maybe you should stop and think if he or she was to get sick with this desiese or another can you afford the best for him or her ? Your answer will probley be the same as mine you will do what you have to do .... I'm not asking for someone to give us money personally I'm asking for this to be covered for all parents who is finding it hard .... And so you know the sensor is in the mail and Rachel will have it and it will be no thanks to you or miss sheilas INGORANCE ..... I'll continue to be Rachel's voice she has to grow up to soon as it was its sad that you actually feel this way ..... But I'd love to know who you are to think that my family deserves nothing bc my children are sick !!!!!!

    • Lisa
      April 22, 2013 - 12:49

      I never said that a family with sick kids doesn't deserve anything. Not what I said at all. All I am saying is that you need to prioritize. Whats better? Two nice looking rigs in your driveway, or a life-saving device for your child? A nice big camper, or a life-saving device for your child? You see my point here. If you weren't complaining and asking for a hand out it would be different you see. But if you want to say that you can't get a job because you need to care for your kids, I want to know how so many parents of sicker children can do it? And as for me having a sick child, trust me darling, I've been there. I worked a full time and a part time job and never quit. You almost lost Rachel, I understand, and I feel for you, I really do. But you can't let that be your excuse to quit work and expect a handout. You know what's really hard? To not be as lucky as you and still have your child to hold. Keep going after that and keep fighting for what you believe in. So I'm sorry if I seem bitter about the mere $700 or whatever for this device. And as for your $10000 you have to pay in medical expenses, you already said that you get reimbursed for most of that. Stop your whining. I've walked in your shoes and beyond lady. Glad Rachel has her device coming. Just too bad she has to deal with you everyday.

  • Jenelle
    April 22, 2013 - 12:16

    Laughing at you: Shame on you for passing judgment on a person that you have never spoken to. Get to know ppl and know their story before you judge.

  • Jenelle
    April 22, 2013 - 12:06

    To Lisa and Sheila: Thank you for taking what should have been a great article that brings an issue to a health concern and turning it into something else. It is unfortunate that you see this article as a way to bash and insult someone rather then seeing it as a way to change current policies and procedures. It certainly shows your character as human beings. I just hope that you both are never faced with having sick children or having to watch a loved one die from complications related to this illness. I think we all need to step back and look at the big picture here. There is a device that can help prevent costly complications for a person that is not covered by an insurance plan or the government. There is something wrong here no matter what is spent at costco or what a family does on the weekends. Shame on the both of you or anyone else that doesn't see that. Kim, Thank you for standing up for change even when you are faced with ignorant resistance.

  • Laughing at you
    April 22, 2013 - 11:14

    This is a place for people to voice there opinion,weather you ( Kim ) like it or not.You Kim are not the only person that has a child with diabetes.There are many of us,I don't blame myself or the goverment that my child has diabetes and if my child needs diabetes supples I make sure that I have then pay by me the the goverment.Kim even thro i have never talked to you I know who you are ,Your husband has a very will paying , you have many toys camper, bikes and god what other things you have . My opinion here is for you give up your luxury get of your ars and go got a job like the rest of us.Stop trying to make a show of yoursel fand provide for your child this like the rest of us working class people.

    • Frankie
      April 23, 2013 - 08:17

      OPINIONS are welcome...personal and INSULTING slander against someones character? Not so much. Did you not read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page? You had to have checked "I agree with these conditions". But you didn't at all. That is MY opinion. Bottom line...Kim is fighting for ALL parents of diabetes, not just her own. She is to be commended. This is positive activism towards a cause that could benefit children throughout the whole province! BTW, forums like this are great, but they do make it easy for folks to judge without a face. It's cowardly really. And sad. Kim, keep your head up high. This is about universal health care - fairness for all. If hearing aids and other things are covered for kids, why shouldn't this amazing device be covered? Keep up the fight!

  • Jeannie Johnston
    April 22, 2013 - 10:01

    Kim, This Shelia person is just one of those spammers with nothing else to do than go on all these posts and cause crap. She has no idea what it is like for anyone with Diabetes. She needs to get herself a life!! As for Miss Lisa, She has a family to feed.... I'm sure you feed your family. If $1000 s a lot for you, doesn't mean its a lot for someone else!! And how can you say its "Random Crap " if you were not there with her when she spent that $1000, then keep your mouth shut. You also need to get a life and stop worrying about what others spend and stop listening to what is being said at school and going around gossiping about it!! Kimberley, You are doing a amazing job with Rachel, and doing what any mother should do. Fight for what is right and Piss on the ones who have no idea what you are going through!!!

    • Lisa
      April 22, 2013 - 10:20

      I can say random crap cause she is the one who was standing at the school doors bragging about it. "Random crap" were her words thank you. And no, $1000 isn't a lot to me, but it's a lot for someone you can't pay $700 for a device to save her child's life.

  • Kimberley
    April 22, 2013 - 08:36

    Lisa Apparently you don't eat if u go to Costco with a family of 5 and don't spend that much money u must be buying unnecessary crap my money is spent on grocers and healthy food .... So if u sand out side the school then u hear me say I cook a home cook meal everyday they dont give it to u at costco and if u eat healthy you pay for it .. maybe you feed ur kids crap but at my house we dont ....and there's fruit in my house at all Times so maybe u and Sheila works together U have no idea so u and Sheila should just shut your your stupid ignorant opinion is not needed !

    • Lisa
      April 22, 2013 - 10:26

      All I am saying is that you shouldn't be at the school bragging about spending all this money and how much your big old truck costs or going partying at the camper all the time in the summer if you can't speand $700 on a device that can save your child life as you put it. Sell your camper if it's that important to you. $350 a month to keep it going should balance itself out pretty nicely if it cuts down on the amount of time you need to check her sugars. Will cut out having to buy so much texting supplies. But you just keep your hand out begging.. God forbid you "do without" as you say. Getting your gray hairs dyed and your hair done. I've been at the school and heard you brag. Everyone hears you brag! So get over it.

    • Lisa
      April 22, 2013 - 12:32

      *Applause* Glad I am not the only one who sees the luxuries that this woman has when she says she does without. Sure seems like a sob story, one that will pull at your heartstrings, to people who don't know her or what she has. I'm sure ADHD, diabetes and penut allergies are not easy to deal with, but think of people who deal with all this AND MORE with their kids. Lots of people make the real sacrafice who really have nothing, one car for the whole family, not Honda accords with heated leather seats and a big truck and all your other toys. Parent of sick kids I know hardly see each other cause one will work days and the other nights to get the money they need to do what they have to for their kids! I am well aware that there are lots of people abusing the system. And if you want yourself compared to them, then keep on doing what you're doing.. but be ready for people to speak their minds if you plan on going this public with it again.

    • Lisa
      April 22, 2013 - 12:50

      Last comment meant in response for 'Laughing at you- April 22, 2013 at 12:44:02"

  • Trina
    April 21, 2013 - 22:44

    Kim, You keep fighting for Rachel.. She is certainly your shinning star and a very brave one at that... Looking after her is your number one priority and we the people in NL know that... Whoever this "SHEILA" is needs to grow up.. If the shoe was on the other foot Miss Shelia would be would eating her words right now... Come on lady " get with the program"... Keep chugging along KIm I'm sure you will get someone to listen .....:)

  • A
    April 21, 2013 - 19:15

    I totally disagree with Sheila here, yes everyone is entitled to their opinion but why attack people personally when you know nothing about them. I don't believe this mother is looking for coverage for just her daughter, she is hoping to change the lives of all children with diabetes. Maybe Sheila is in government and was offended by this mothers approach...oh well!!. The sad part is that we have grown men and women alike sitting out there with their feet up collecting their checks every month and doing nothing for it, how is it that there is money for those people every month but there is no money for children with illnesses. If this woman was on social assistance, she would have no worries, but because she decides to be a stay at home mom and BTW Sheila that is job...and live on her husbands income, they can't get any assistance with something like this. Maybe she should just go to welfare and say her husband left her, thats what most do isn't it? Then they'd be home free. Todays society is miserable one, the lower class who "chose" not to work, get everything handed to them so they go without nothing. The upper class making $25 plus dollars an hour can livee comfortably and there is the poor ole middle class people who are making $15plus dollars a hour, live pay check to pay check, trying to get by and get no help from anyone, get little child tax benefit cause you make so much money, get no GST benefits...I;d like to compare a middle class families child tax credit for 2 children to social assistance family for 2 children. It is time for the government to get up and start doing some meaningful work instead of arguing over their Twitter one other person commented we can come up with 3.8 million dollars for the Republic of Doyle but we can't help sick the math government officials, how many children can 3.8 million dollars help.

  • Kayla
    April 21, 2013 - 18:48

    I think Rachel deserves every chance in life to live a normal life! What kind of world do we live in when our government does not provide our sick children with the best possible tools and medication?!! I know as a mom of a type 1 diabetic myself, just how expensive and frustrating the system is! Keep fighting Kim! And those of you who have nothing nice or supportive to say.... Please don't say anything at all!

  • Lisa
    April 21, 2013 - 17:27

    Get a job is right. I'm sure the husband don't work 24/7. Why can't you work on your husbands days off or overnights for that matter. Lots of places around here are lenient on hours. Might not be your dream job but at least you won't have your hand out begging for the government to pay fr something for you when there are lots of other people out there with their kids who are just as sick or sicker than yours and they can still make it without begging. Grow up.

  • A friend of Rachel and her family
    April 21, 2013 - 17:13

    Well now SHEILA! May be you should really know what you are talking about before your voice your opinions here. This is a very loving family of 5, the father works his butt off for his family and the mother goes above and beyond for her children and husband and friends. How can the mother actually afford to go to work??? Really! First it would cost her about the same if not more for child care as she will make. Second, how could she honestly relax enough to do her job with 3 children being looked after by someone else that probably has very little medical knowledge of all 3 of her children's health situations! Sheila you cannot be a parent or even someone that gives a hoot about children or anyone else. Kim is not just fighting for her child but for EVERYONE'S CHILDREN in the same situation as Rachel. God love her for bringing this to the public eye and hopefully this will get covered for the children. You think about a little active and VERY pleasant child having to have their finger pricked SEVERAL times a day/night, constant worry about their sugar levels, always in the back of their little mind the possiblities of a coma or even the hospital.....then think about what a child her age should not have to think about and just to have fun. This device would relieve SOME of the stress and worry from the parents BUT it would relieve it from the child too. I hope they get this device covered for all the children. God love you Brace family

  • Maria
    April 21, 2013 - 17:11

    I have to comment on what "Sheila" was saying. "Sheila", you obviously do not have a sick child, and in fact you must not even know a sick child. I cannot imagine that you would be making such ridiculous comments if you did. You make it sound as though this Mother is wanting to sponge off of the government. Give me a break! Not only does Rachels Dad work far beyond full time hours,but her Mom has tried working plenty of times as well. I used to work with her, and I know that Rachel's health made that impossible and extremely stressful. Not only did this Mom work, but she was/is a hard worker. Her previous employer would attest to this.And you mention that " The taxpayer cannot pay for everything, families have to cutback, do without and if needed take second jobs". Do you think that you are a genius and that this family didn't already know this? Trust me, they do what they have to do. These parents do not smoke, drink and in fact they go without things such as a haircut in order to "cutback", so stop making unfounded statements. And lastly you say "Why should this one person get something covered that nobody else does". Once again your assumptions make you sound uneducated. Do you really think that this Mom is just wanting this for her daughter? Get real. She wants this for her daughter and for whoever else it will help. So Sheila I hope that this clears up the many misconceptions you have in regards to this situation. This family is not looking for a hand out. If this was feasible for them, they would still fight for the people that weren't as fortunate.

  • Angie
    April 21, 2013 - 16:54

    TO SHEILA: As a family member, Id like to offer you my sympathies. I've never been aware of how narrow minded one person could be. So for that I apologize. I would also like to point out that although the Telegram does a fantastic job of getting Kim and Rachel's story, it's not the entire one. I happen to know that Kim spends so much time at the Janeway , she should have her own wing. She has two other children, who also have illnesses and this women is a saint for being able to cope as well as she does. To say she is trying to live off public purse is outrageous, she is not only fighting for her daughter, but she is being a voice for all other parents who have to deal with the everyday struggle of diabetes. She has every right to fight for what she feels is right, and lets not forget we are a "have" province, there is no reason why her voice shouldn't be heard. I'm proud of my step mother! She doesn't ask for anything, she don't have extravagant things but I guarantee you her kids do. You should only n so proud as I am to have someone in the province fighting to make it more affordable, and more liveable.

  • kimberely
    April 21, 2013 - 16:10

    Shelia, I would love to know the research that you have done on your 2 minute search of google and I would love to know if you have any children if you do and there healthy then your blessed and you have no IDEA my life so your ignorant comments are very insulting. I have worked hard all my life till last year when my daughter almost DIED .... I worked every weekend double shifts 40 hrs so I could stay home Monday to Thursday and look after then my oldest has mental health and my youngest has medical problems to ...SO why do you pass judgment when you have no Idea what you are talking about not going around banging on your door asking you to help my child im asking the mcp and our insurance company which we pay for help with the cost ... I think you need to know the full story before u shoot your mouth and if I wanted the PUBLIC PURSE to pay I would of give up long ago and went on social assistance BUT I NEVERRRRR And I WONT I hope to god you never get sick and I hope to god when you do people look at you and say ....GROW UP

    • KY
      April 22, 2013 - 11:04

      AMEN KIMBERLY. I am SO glad you just put this Sheila b*tch in her place. She has NO right to even pass judgment, keep ur comments to yourself..some people can be so selfless. You are doing what you can which is an EXCELLENT job caring for Rachel. Keep it up, you'll get their attention, start a petition, keep on tellin ur story. its very touching!!!

  • California Pete from NFLD
    April 20, 2013 - 12:04

    I will take California Medicade any day. Thank god I am on Medicare ( Obama care ) and not in NL for my medical care The province should be ashamed the way it treats the needy

    • Lisa
      April 21, 2013 - 17:34

      This lady is far from "needy". Anyone who can stand outside the school and brag about spending over $1000 at one time at costco ( on random crap, not necessities) is clearly not needy!!!

  • rediclious
    April 20, 2013 - 10:05

    The government can pay for at least 500 ppls drug addictions here in the city. but they cant help save a girls life from diabeties. its seems like the only way anyone can get away with anything and everything and have everything paid for is ppl on welafe. now why is that?? ..

  • Sheila
    April 20, 2013 - 09:52

    Where is it written that the public purse has to pay for everything a person needs. Many parents work and care for a child with this illness, I feel that this Mom is using her daughter's illness as an excuse to live off the public purse. This is not teaching the child to become a responsible adult. My research has shown that no provincial health care system in Canada pays for this type of coverage and neighter does many insurance companies.

    • Sharon
      April 20, 2013 - 17:28

      Sheila These people are not living of the public purse if that were the case she probably would not have to fight .As for the mother using her daughter's illness as an excuse to live of the public purse are you for real? With a condition this severe I would not be able to trust someone else with my daughters life. After all no one else would be as stringent at this duty as parent are .Maybe the Government should not be squandering money in big business and invest in the medical system, god knows at some point we all need it.Best of luck to the family I hope the do get the assistance they so need.

    • Justin
      April 20, 2013 - 21:19

      It's called compassion.

    • JP
      April 21, 2013 - 08:23

      To SHEILA - while you're entitled to your opinion, it's just that. Just because these devices aren't covered by any Provincial Health Care system doesn't mean they shouldn't. And easy for you to sit where ever you are in your comfy chair and pass judgement on this mother, whom you know nothing about except what you read in an online news article. My opinion is that whether this lady is working or not shouldn't change the fact that a medical device is available that has the potential to drastically change this little girl's life(and her families) for the better. Who knows, if this device worked and the mother could enjoy life and relax a lot more(not having to worry every hour about a diabetic emergency) that perhaps she would return to work. Again, just my opinion!

    • Flabergasted
      April 21, 2013 - 16:23

      If this device can make such a difference to your child's life wouldn't you do whatever you could do to get it. My child also has medical issues & you make sacrifice's to ensure that they get the best. If that means one of you working days & the other working evenings, doing without luxuries & extras. There are many many families in the same boat that will do whatever they can to get the money.This article portrays how life is everyday, for a lot of other people that have insulin dependent or type 1 diabetes or other illnesses.

    • Jenelle
      April 22, 2013 - 06:41

      Sheila: I am not sure where you have looked for your research to come up with the claims you make. I know for a fact that The Ontario Government has a program that helps ppl pay for the insulin pump. They also provide money every few months to cover the cost of the supplies. In this family's case it would be very helpful. From my understanding it is not only the cost of the CGM, but the cost for using this equipment. Here is the link to the ON program for your convenience: NS also provides funding. For your convenience, here is the link for this as well. I would also like to ask, do you or anyone in your family have diabetes? If so, please ask them the time and effort that is needed to put into this disease. If no, please educate yourself. I am sure this mother would love to give you a day in her shoes. Diabetes is not a disease that gets turned off. This disease affects your eyes, your heart your circulation. And what does this mean for the "public purse"? It means that diabetes costs the government millions of dollars a year as a result of complications related to diabetes. However, there is a catch. If diabetes complications can be prevented, by better control the government will actually spend less money! Awh there is a thought. How about putting money into programs that are designed to help prevent the complications diabetes causes. You may feel that this mother is not teaching her child to become a responsible adult. I will need to disagree. I believe that this mother is teaching her child to stand up for what she believes in. She is teaching her to stand up for change and not just wait for it to happen. I think she is a great example not only to her children, but I am sure if you knew her like I do, you would see that she is a great examples for all mothers. After all do you know any mothers that sets an alarm for 300 am every day to go check on their children and never complains? and who doesn't go to bed until late in the evening for the same reason?

  • JohnnyT
    April 20, 2013 - 08:51

    The government is only concerned about self preservation. They will only act when they are shamed into doing something. They will only act when they feel their share of the votes will be negatively affetced come next election. So much wrong with the world today.

  • Patsy Wellwood
    April 20, 2013 - 08:30

    This is serious, I know because my brother had the same problem, he actually lost his kidneys, and had a transplant . I think that is you approach the lions dept in your area, then they would be able to help, and church's in your area as well, don't be shy about it you have to make yourself known and what you are going through public, start a fund for her now, go to the business your local MLA, there is help there, but as usual we have to fight, I would like to know how things go from here. I put a call through to my brother, maybe that will lead to something, keep in contact. Just to put your mind at ease, insurance companies want money, they do not want to pay out.

  • Sheila
    April 20, 2013 - 07:49

    Why should this one person get something covered that nobody else does. In Ontario it is not covered by OHIP or my Muncipal Health Insurance plan. The taxpayer cannot pay for everything, families have to cutback, do without and if needed take second jobs. Many other children have this type of diabetes and their parents do not quit work to care for them... grow up Mom the public purse is almost empty get a job!

    • vanessa
      April 21, 2013 - 18:27

      I think that Sheila needs to grow up and shut her mouth about things she obviously has no idea about. I know this mother....I WORKED with her for years and she is one of the hardest working persons I've ever worked with. Any parent as devoted to her child as Kim is would make the hugely difficult decision to stay home and ensure her child is healthy and cared for. It seems as if Sheila is implying that all parents who stay home with their children are on welfare and if that child is sick then it's just an excuse to stay on it....and if any of these people dare to have the courage to stand up to tell their stories and fight for something which has the potential to save that child's life then it's really only a ploy to get more money from the public?! I think Sheila is prejudiced and judgemental and should look in the mirror before throwing around innuendos. Grow up? Setting an example? If anything....Kim is showing her daughter that if you need something then fight it. A much better lesson than to judge and belittle someone you have never met just because you can. Keep fighting are amazing!

    • Sandra Kendell
      April 21, 2013 - 20:58

      Be ashamed of yourself Sheila. You truly do not have the knowledge, judgement or skills to comment on this child's life. You have no idea what this family has gone through and if you have nothing nice to say....keep your opinions to yourself. Ingorance on your behalf.

  • SSM
    April 20, 2013 - 05:59

    I pretty much agree with that article, but one statement I don't agree with, or actually, I don't agree with the way it was worded and put in the article, which changes the whole context of the article. . .but that's typical journalism. The journalist doesn't know much about type 1 diabetes. He wrote 'It turned out to be a very severe case of Type 1 diabetes.' .. .for someone who doesn't know much about it they'd think that she is worse than a lot of other type 1 diabetics, but she isn't. This article portrays how life is everyday, for my son and I, and a lot of other people we know, that have insulin dependent or type 1 diabetes. Also, CGM's aren't that new, they might be in Canada, but they've been around for a few years, and I'd imagine that if someone desperately wanted one, they could have gone to the US to get it. I have one that I use occasionally. Their issue, like most people's, is that it isn't really affordable for the average person, thus most people that do have one don't use it 24/7 because it isn't feasible to do so, which is a shame. But pharmaceutical companies and the govt make a lot of money from type 1 diabetes, and subsidizing something that could save them money in the long run doesn't make sense to them because as always the govt is looking at what they can have in their pockets now, not what they could be saving 30 years down the road.

  • Tina Robinson RN
    April 20, 2013 - 01:41

    As a diabetes educator, orginally from this provinve working elsewhere, it blows my mind how a govt would not cover the cost of such an item on a case by case situation. It can not only prevent the longer term complications of diabetes down the road but also save the heatlh care system money when this poor little girl can be treated at home vs the higher cost of hospital stays when she gets very ill. Goverments tend to forget that preventative health care does save money in the long run when we put up a few dollars earlier to precent problems vs in the end when it costs more. That is only acounting cost, let alone the quality of life for both the poor child with less finger pokes, better diabetes management, being able to lead a normal life like other children and a whole lot less worry for her loving parents & other family members. Please govt. officials.......shake your head and help out this family vs spend time on wondering about your twitter accounts!!!! I would like to hear that this family gets some support and help is provided.

  • Tony S.
    April 19, 2013 - 23:18

    This sweet young lady is in my daughter's class. It is a real shame that while she struggles with this serious illness, with a maturity well beyond her years, our provincial politicians act with a childishness way below their own. Grow up and deal with the real problems facing your constituants.

  • meme
    April 19, 2013 - 22:03

    just go on welfare and you will get it!!! Seems that's the way it is!! Good luck!!

  • Barry Brookings
    April 19, 2013 - 19:58

    I say we raise the money for this little girl.If the government doesn't want to help,let us help her.

    • Darryl Squires
      April 22, 2013 - 13:20

      I agree , friends & family can raise the funds through a fundraiser if government doesn't want to help or respond to this matter . However its not just specific to this family , many other children are in similar situation , and to advocate for one is to include all regardless of personal assumptions about their characters & values that have nothing to do with the facts & the need for that which they are advocating .

  • Tony Rockel
    April 19, 2013 - 16:41

    This family has my deepest sympathy. Patients like Rachel are in constant danger of developing diabetic ketoacidosis, a medical emergency usually requiring admission to ICU. A recent study shows that a stay in ICU in a Canadian hospital averages $1565 per day. Add to this the fact that poorly controlled diabetes often leads to early complications such as kidney failure and other medical conditions that will cost the healthcare system far more in the long run than if adequate glucose monitoring were paid for in the first place. But of course we are dealing with the bureaucratic mind and a government that can't see further than the next election.

  • Cindy McGrath
    April 19, 2013 - 15:52

    I have to say reading Rachel's story broke my heart. I know exactly what this young girl is going through. My daughter Krystle also 15 years old, has had type 1 diabeties since she was 3. For the last 12 years Krystle has had Parametics rushing to our house many times due to diabetic seizures in the middle of the night, taking needles every time she has something to eat, taking a needle every night before bed, all the finger pokes that go along with Diabetices, visiting the hospital every 6 months, which now has increased to every month because Krystle is at such a high risk of complications. Krystle's diabeties has never, not even for one week been stable. We watched a presentation on the CGM and I was very excited that this may be the answer. To receive a warning of highs and lows before they happen would reduce Krystle's long term health complications. Because of Diabeties, Krystle has had other negative complications to her young body. When speaking to Krystle's specialist they suggested not getting the CGM until her levels are under control. It just don't make sense to me! Why can't we try it! The specialist will not approve this device for Krystle to try it. I did process a quote to my insurance company Standard Life and Great West Life. The device can be covered 100% is what I was quoted. The monthly fee to administer the Meter, would have to come out of our pocket. Another fact the Braves may want to check into is the government tax break for their daughter having Type 1 Diabetices. Ask your doctor about the T2201 form, you can adjust your taxes as far back as 10 years if you haven't claimed the disability before. I hope by sharing our stories something more can be done for these kids that have such strick limitations, so they can lead a more "normal" lifestyle. Cindy McGrath

  • Dawn McGrath
    April 19, 2013 - 15:26

    Government should hang their heads in shame...3.8 Million Dollars for The Republic of Doyle come on! They can't seem to find the money for children with diabetes....this CGMS could save this childs life. Keep fighting the fight Kim....I hope the govenment can get it together and change their policy.

  • Horriable
    April 19, 2013 - 14:26

    There is money out there for everything else and something that could save someones life or prevent her from having life changing happenings down the road, there is no money !!! Our government should be ashamed of themselves !!!!

    • Friend
      April 24, 2013 - 07:04

      Hey have entered into my world now....I read some of your crap but one comment you made "Just too bad she has to deal with you everyday" that made me to write....if it wasn't for Kimberely Rachel wouldn't have her sugars checked regularly, fed, volunteering at her school everyday, loved and care I have to go on....IF you see Kim everyday at the "schools doors" then be brave enough to introduce yourself to I guess Lisa "just too bad that you have to deal with yourself everyday"... and Lisa don't your Toyota have heated seats...Have a good day