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Brandon Anstey
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Gander native bringing his story telling to screen

Lovers in different places can provide an emotional struggle.

OF THE ARTS – Andrew Tremblett has worked on a number of films and productions and the Gander native is currently working on a project to turn one of his short stories into a short film.

Gander native and Grenfell student, Andrew Tremblett, is now bringing that struggle to the screen in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Both writer and director, Mr. Tremblett wanted to tell the story of two young lovers at different places in their lives. The film, Catherine Adelaide, stars Grenfell graduates Heidi Kent and Mihalis Barry as the two main characters, Oliver and Catherine.

The short motion picture illustrates the tale of a young aspiring writer from St. John’s who is set to leave for Toronto and is in love with Catherine, a young woman from Ontario looking to settle down on the island. They both struggle with the fact that life is bringing them different things.

“In order to make love to work, you have to be willing to sacrifice personal goals is kind of what they are discovering,” said Mr. Tremblett.

The plot was inspired by a short story he had written back in 2012. A Cuffer Prize rejection inspired him to turn the piece into a short motion picture.

“I used a lot of things from my personal life into that short story,” he said. “I decided to turn it into a short film because I’m really interested in film and that’s a medium of art I really want to get into.”

Mr. Tremblett sat down with Ryan David Butt, the film’s producer, to thicken the plot for a short picture.

“We came up with some more themes. We just wanted to find the western culture of film making and the eastern culture of film making and bring them together,” said Mr. Tremblett.

Writing, he said, is an on-going job as new suggestions and ideas come up.

“I’m never really satisfied with the draft anyway. It’s kind of a running joke in the production team that we’re never really going to sit on one draft.”

 While the story is set to take place in St. John’s, it wasn’t the only place set for filming. 

“We realized we had a lot of community support here in Corner Brook __– that’s something we really didn’t want to lose even though the story is set in St. John’s,” said Mr. Tremblett. “What myself and Ryan decided is that we have the opportunity to try and bring two of these worlds together so we made a pact that we would shoot in St. John’s and Corner Brook. It’s very difficult to do but I think it will be worth it for the final product.”

Making the film posed a number of challenges, but a cold snap was a tall hill to climb while filming on Jan 2.

“We had a 5 a.m. wakeup call and we had a call to our headquarters on Gower Street. From there we drove up to Signal Hill on one of the coldest and windiest days, and we had to put up with the beautiful winds up there,” laughed the Gander native.

The bitter cold made it difficult to film, but production has had its upside too.

“It was definitely just having a good laugh with my crew. That sounds really cheesy and flakey but when you have a good crew this process is so much easier,” said Mr. Tremblett.

The Gander native has worked on films before but is getting a lesson on the industry from his crew, which includes Peter Buckle, director of photography in Corner Brook.

“I’m being taught by Peter . . .  as production goes on, and by my whole team because I haven’t studied this whole industry because I’m a theatre major right now,” said Mr. Tremblett.

The Grenfell theatre student hopes to get the film out by February, but there’s work to be done first.

“It all depends on post-production,” he said.

While Mr. Tremblett is still concentrating on his schooling, he is determined to move forward in the film industry.

“I’m really focused on this film and making sure it gets off the ground the way it should,” he said. “I’m still focused on my acting, but writing and directing is something I’m going to continue.”

Organizations: Jan 2, Grenfell theatre

Geographic location: Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Corner Brook Toronto Ontario Gower Street Signal Hill

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