Bay Roberts approves money for pool site selection

Nicholas Mercer
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Bell to begin public consultations on a telecommunications tower

The Town of Bay Roberts will be completing a crucial step in its quest for a new wellness and aquatic centre.

Bay Roberts Mayor Philip Wood.

During a March 11 council meeting, town officials approved a motion to have St. John’s-based firm TRACT Consulting begin the site selection process at a cost of $5,000.

“It is part of our due diligence,” said Mayor Philip Wood.

As a part of the process, TRACT would identify a handful of potential sites based upon criteria such as, but not limited too, services, neighbouring amenities, site size and transportation.

These selections would be presented to the town, which would in turn be presented to the provincial government.

“This is what site selection is all about, and it is at minimal cost to the town,” said Wood.

The quest for a new pool is not something new for Bay Roberts. Construction on the current facility started in 1969.  

Four years ago, Eric and Betty Jerrett donated three acres of land to the town for the purposes of establishing a new pool on the site.

The land is adjacent to where Amalgamated Academy is located.

Wood said the land donated by the Jerretts is still “in play” for the new pool, but the site selection process was something the town felt it needed to undertake.

“It’s a process we needed to have done,” said recreation director Ian Flynn. “We’re getting our ducks in a row.”

Officials have indicated the town would need between seven and 10 acres of land to construct the new facility.

The town has included the new wellness centre on its capital works wish list for the next round of money distribution in 2015-2017.


Tower discussions

Bell Canada has plans to put a cell tower in the Cat Hill Road area of Bay Roberts.

During the meeting, council was presented with a plan that would see a 60-metre self-supporting telecommunications tower in the area.

Towers of this kind are federally regulated, and require public consultations before any construction is started.

The company was making council aware of its desires to start the consultation process, and it is acceptable.

“All we are approving is that we are aware of it, and go ahead and do your public consultation,” said Wood.

The town does not have any regulations regarding the construction of possible cell towers.

The situation is similar to the one St. John’s currently finds itself in. Residents in the capital city have voiced concerns over a proposed tower in a residential area.

However, the Cat Hills area of Bay Roberts is not residential at the moment, but it could be.


Wolverines recognition

Coun. Dean Franey tabled a motion that would have the town write a letter recognizing the work of the Avalon North Wolverines search and rescue team during the search for Andrew Lush last month.

This would be in conjunction with the upcoming Volunteer Week April 6-12.

“That fact that this was the first big search conducted by the Wolverines inside the town … maybe we should recognize them,” said Franey. “We could send a letter thanking them for their efforts.”


Duck problems

During the councillor concerns portion of the meeting, Coun. George Simmons noted the increased number of ducks in an area of town on Water Street near a lift station next to the Mariner.

There are some 15-20 animals regularly found on the site and it has become a regular traffic problem.

It is not strange to find ducks crossing the road and impeding traffic.

“It’s becoming a real nuisance now, so what can we do about that?” asked Simmons.

The town has a duck crossing sign at the site, but not one that discourages the feeding of the animals.

“We should be able to do something there,” said Coun. Bill Seymour.

Council decided to monitor the situation in the future.

The area is well-known to residents and has been a home to ducks for many years.

“Most of them are domesticated,” said Simmons.

Cable Avenue dedication

Cable Avenue is scheduled to be dedicated as a provincial heritage district during a ceremony on Aug. 1.

Organizations: TRACT Consulting, Amalgamated Academy, Bell Canada Avalon North Wolverines

Geographic location: Bay Roberts, Cat Hill Road, Water Street

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Recent comments

  • Richard Simonds
    March 15, 2014 - 19:38

    The real problem that really should be enforced is the extra lazy people who repeatily park or wait in the established fire zone "no parking" areas at the various grocery stores and strip malls. If we have a Municipal Enforcement Officer on the payroll it's time for him to perform his job functions or be replaced. I'm tired of this ongoing situation. As well the duck issue is also getting out of hand. Time for something to be done to address this. Today I would estimate there were in excess of 40 ducks in the middle of the road.

  • Philip
    March 15, 2014 - 06:11

    To tax payer: Who are you? Seems you have a lot of issues including grammer and spelling. If you want people to take you serious you need to reread your post before you hit send. But it was entertaining while I was drinking my morning coffee. I could feel the rage in your misspelled words..........

    • taxpayer
      March 17, 2014 - 19:33

      You were concerned about the grammar and spelling, I may have a few words spelled wrong, just in a hurry had to go to work But it sure isn't as big as the 500,000 mistake that the council made. I can correct my spelling but the town will never correct the 500'000 of the of the taxpayer money that was given away. Check your spelling over your morning coffee.

  • karen
    March 14, 2014 - 20:12

    i agree wholeheartily with taxpayer and observer..what is council doing concerning the deplorable road conditions ..we all know this is pothole season but come now ..even in summer all you see is holes being filled with sand ..there is such a thing as hotpatch....and speaking about the ducks and mr simmons ..i do believe this is the same councillor who got in an argument about an apple core ..who wanted speed bumps (dont make me laugh) put in country road and who created in my opinion the most unnessary 3 way intersection ever thought of concern about this is ..where in the world were the other councillors voices when these things were voted on ..esp the intersection..sawdust rd and country rd is like the area i live in ..can you imagine going in butlerville and driving pass pit rd BUT HAVING TO STOP BOTH WAYS IN CASE SOMEONE IS COMING UP FROM THE PIT...LOL ..councillors think about it...imagine if you had to do this for all rds..what made this one the for the ducks..come on now ..council has alot more problems than ducks on water street ..or ppl feeding them ..and mr simmons if this is the extent of things that you think is in the best interest of the ppl of bay roberts ..speed bumps (we have potholes for that )..3 way intersections and. now complaining about ducks ..then mr simmons maybe your interests would be better served elsewhere..

  • observer
    March 13, 2014 - 16:00

    I agree with taxpayer’s first point. I imagine that if Simmons or any other council member had to stop on that area of Water Street it is not because of century old ducks, it is in fact the atrocious road conditions, and it’s the same reoccurring sections of road every year. Some people are driving that stretch just like it’s a closed course, swerving and braking because of potholes. Not to mention I'm sick of being in my residence and repeatedly hearing people wallop down in them. Has anyone ever brought up this problem and has searched for an alternative to the 10 second gravel solution the council is currently using to fill them? Our neighbours in Carbonear I believe has asphalt repair trailer. What an excellent cost effective and efficient tool. Why not invest in reliable pieces of equipment to use, instead of buying pickup trucks for the “higher up” to spin around in all day. There’s too much touton and tunes going on at the council to focus on key issues. It’s a dangerous action for citizens to walk the roads; those brave ducks got one up on us. Ducks are irrelevant to the issue.

  • Geoff
    March 13, 2014 - 07:51

    Another $5000 dollars in taxpayers money thrown to the wind! If the land has been donated then why is it necessary to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayers money to conduct a "site " study. I wonder will the results of the study be used or thrown out the window like the $30,000 study that was done a few years ago regarding this same issue. Easy to spend other people's money.

  • Heather Norman
    March 13, 2014 - 05:05

    My comment is about the ducks and is directed to the people of Bay Roberts and the general public. The ducks have been in the Water Street area for my entire life - about 30 years (and longer). During the winter (which seems to linger on and on this year!) the ducks are unable to access the fresh water and grassy areas that they normally do during other seasons. Even the harbour is full of ice at times. Therefore, they congregate in the area near the park bench on the water front adjacent to the Mariner Lounge. I live near and frequent this area of the town and firstly, I would like to point out that many motorist to not respect the duck crossing sign. Many motorists often swerve around the flock of ducks as they attempt to cross the road instead of stopping, which often causes the ducks to change direction several times. Swerving, beeping horns and even getting out of a vehicle to "shoo" the animals away only serves to hold up traffic more in this area. Motorists need to exercise more patience, especially in the winter months. Secondly, the speed limit on water street is in the 40-50 km range and motorists are not respecting the posted speed limits either. I walk regularly, often with a baby stroller, and I cringe to walk on Water Street. This area is no exception especially with agitated, swerving motorists. Finally, I feel that if these domesticated creatures have been fed by the public for many years than we need to continue to do so. This is especially true during winter when, again, they cannot access grassy areas to eat insects, plant material, etc. I agree that the ducks are in the roadway (especially during winter), therefore I encourage motorists to have patience, expect a brief delay and obey speed limits. Take a breath, allow them to cross and then enjoy the rest of your day. Do not swerve, beep or act crazy. Drive safe. For those people who enjoy feeding the ducks, please feed them as far off the road as possible toward the park bench. There is quite a large parking lot there to allow this. You may even wish to toss their treat into the beach where they will be even further from the road. These animals share our town and have developed into quite a tourist attraction. Let's use some common sense and respect. Winter will be over soon and the ducks will have more area to roam.

  • tax payer
    March 12, 2014 - 18:48

    Now we are deciding if we should build a welliness centre, just imagine if you drive up water street you would need a GPS to navigate the pots holes . Why a wellness centre when there three in the town half full,what are we trying to put these people out of business, but coming from this council what else would you expecthey have little knodlege about business alone anything else.If they didn't give away 500,000 maybe that money could be used but no that"s gone.Maybe if Mr. Woods runs for the liberal party he"ll probably fine the money only thing is if he has no more luck than Mr.Littlejohn god help us .Mr. woods will sitting in the back in mr. Littlejohn"s chair for sure it will be empty come next election. Why is Mr.Littlejohn still our member????? Mr.Simmons is that all you has to complain about apple cores and ducks we have bigger problems than that if you"re going to run for mayor if Mr.Woods resign you better come up with a bigger platform than this.

  • karen
    March 12, 2014 - 13:00

    what is mr simmons problem..the ducks are not hurting anybody ...what about all the other areas of town that also has seen an increase in duck population..are you as council getting complaints..please mr simmons get a grip and get over youself ..there is no difference in feeding a duck and feeding a bird...and if the residents didnt want to help protect the ducks i dont think they would have erected the duck crossing sign ...and mr simmons the sign and the ducks were there before you...

  • karen
    March 12, 2014 - 12:59

    what is mr simmons problem..the ducks are not hurting anybody ...what about all the other areas of town that also has seen an increase in duck population..are you as council getting complaints..please mr simmons get a grip and get over youself ..there is no difference in feeding a duck and feeding a bird...and if the residents didnt want to help protect the ducks i dont think they would have erected the duck crossing sign ...and mr simmons the sign and the ducks were there before you...

  • Philip
    March 12, 2014 - 10:57

    I'm sure the boys from duck dynasty could help with the duck problem!

  • Philip
    March 12, 2014 - 10:56

    I'm sure the boys from duck dynasty could help with the duck problem!