Barnes and Kent to discuss Harbour Grace stadium

Melissa Jenkins
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Members of the Town of Harbour Grace council are no longer waiting for a response from the provincial government about the proposed stadium, but they say it is because they are starting to push back.

Harbour Grace Mayor Terry Barnes

Today (May 1), after months of unanswered questions, more details may become available.

At noon, Mayor Terry Barnes and Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Kent will meet in St. John’s to discuss the future plans of the facility, which has been delayed numerous times since last September.

Barnes said during a regular council meeting last night he contacted Kent’s office earlier this week, but he was out of the province. The earliest date they could discuss the situation was today.

Most councillors have voiced their frustration with the delays.

Deputy Mayor Sonia Williams explained she had been contacted by numerous residents, but had few answers to give them. She wants the process sped up.

“This is a facility that every member (of council) wanted, and we still don’t have a sod turned,” she stated. “We have to keep pushing.”

Coun. Tony McCarthy is normally quite reserved, but the situation has left him aggravated.

“My patience has run out with the new arena,” McCarthy asserted.

He then said he would go to other media, including open-line radio shows about the situation, if answers weren’t soon available.

Kent has agreed to speak with The Compass after the meeting.

More to come.

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Recent comments

  • Arn'n? / Narn...
    May 02, 2014 - 10:59

    Sammy Clause is too busy looking for ice compensation for his fishery buddies than for a stadium for Hr. Grace! Why compensation for fishermen because the ice is in? What gall poor fisher boy Sam Slade got! To be asking for a handout? No sense of shame, only a sense of entitlement. A long time ago, it was "oh, the poor fishermen,” but, that's a thing of the pass. Fishermen work and catch their quota, nowadays, in 1 month - One Month! and earn huge wages for that month, and, in their time off, yet, they have the nerve to live off the government tit, as they are allowed to "stack", no less, their EI claims, while they get fat in the winter time, tax write off their cars, trucks, and 5th.wheeler trailers, as business expenses, a huge cash settlement [tax free] to sell their licence when they want out of the fishery; sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, grandparents etc., everyone, so it seems, apart from the family cat, and that is only a maybe, is on the “enterprise” family payroll, etc., etc. it’s all a total sham! The list goes on, and on, and on! Instead of buying private insurance for their fishing gear, they get a government gear replacement program [a program with a dubious pass, indeed], and, they pay nothing more than the average citizen for Search and Rescue, yet, it is these guys who use the service, and, all hell to pay, if a helicopter is not there in 5 minutes, when they call for one! Ever hear of a user/pay fee? I could go on! The whole thing is so shocking! It is part of what is wrong with our great country. Corruption, and patronage. Honorable Mr. Slade got no shame. He is not new to the government trough. Nevertheless, he brings with him the same sense of entitlement that he had when he was mayor for those savvy people from Tin Can Cove - that Pirate haven part of the world... Go look at where he lives in his new house, a once isolated and desolate dead end portion of road, but now all newly paved, new street lights, etc. At the tax payers expense? Shame! All these guys should pay their own way.

    • Steep Hill
      May 02, 2014 - 21:17

      As a member of council, Sam Slade did nothing for Carbonear. He showed up to events he knew he would get a warm reception and was filled with his followers. He never lead a good project or application, but was always there to reap the praise. Case in point, the new cenotaph at the War Memorial in Carbonear. His council fumbled the project, then Ches Ash when appointed in 2009, brought the project to life through hard work. Sam did not nothing, but get the praise from the few cronies he had in the Legion. Then Kennedy brought the long term care, Summer Games, multiple capital works, and Sam says "we got nothing. Well what did the red hearted liberal get thus far? What will he bring this summer? I guess all the students will jobs this summer? He won out of spite of many things, Dunderdale being one. We will get nothing, and then the same cronies who think gov is the be all, end all, will elect him so he can mutter and fumble for a few more years through his decayed teeth. Carbonear was built on hard work and not by blaming others for all troubles. When was the last time, Sammy Clauses supporters owed up and said, unfortunately he could not do it. It will not be said, if Sam does not get it, "It will be someone elses fault". Mark it down, He was elected because people DON'T WANT BETTER. He is good enough.

  • watcher
    May 01, 2014 - 18:03

    are you suggesting that the district is being punished for voting Liberal in the byelection? Jerome Kennedy was elected by a large majority in 2011 to be our MHA for the next 4 years, its not our fault he quit. The government is taking a risk if they break its promise because they may be perceived by the voters of the province as being vindictive and spiteful. The way things are going for the PCs now they need all the good PR they can get.

  • taxpayer
    May 01, 2014 - 17:36

    The window is closing fast on this new arena. The PC government is holding the money for this project and they may only be in power for another year or so. After that we can forget it. And hopefully us citizens won't be fooled by a sod turning or sign erected by the government. We shouldn't be sastisfied unless we see steel going up. The funding was announced nearly three years ago and still no tenders called. Time for the government to come clean with the people of CBN that will use this proposed arena, are they going to follow through on their promise to build this facility or not??

  • Sam
    May 01, 2014 - 13:42

    We lost our voice when the district went Liberal.

    • Fisher
      May 04, 2014 - 20:59

      Got to give Sam a chance, been 6 months, never heard a word about or from him. Once he catches the fish under the Government Sponsored sentinel fishery, he will start the real work, which is, is, is looking out the residents of our distict. Getting the pavement for the roads in Victoria, grants for the workers, and, and we say putting the people first.

  • Ha Ha
    May 01, 2014 - 09:56

    My oh my. After years with the last council doing nothing, absolutely nothing, this council wants everything completed overnight. But what gov would or should a council such as the dysfunctional one in Harbour Grace anything, not alone $15-16 million. Why has SAMMY CLAUSE not been involved, then again he was against the stadium from the get go, as he feared Carbonear would pay the bill and Bunkers Hill would not be paved. LMAO