CBN woman accused in horrific child abuse case convicted on 20 charges

Nicholas Mercer
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The provincial courthouse in Harbour Grace was standing room only today (May 14) as Judge James Walsh gave his verdict in a horrific child abuse case in Conception Bay North.

A Conception Bay North woman accused of abusing her children is led into provincial court in Harbour Grace in this Compass file photo.

The provincial courthouse in Harbour Grace was standing room only today (May 14) as Judge James Walsh gave his verdict in a horrific child abuse case in Conception Bay North.

Members of the public were visibly uncomfortable as Walsh spoke for more than 30 minutes in the case of a CBN woman charged with numerous counts of assault, forcible confinement and criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Security was heavy and sheriff’s officers searched those who entered the courtroom.

The woman, whose identity is banned from publication by court order, had pleaded not guilty on all counts.

As Walsh read the gruesome details of the case, some gallery members gasped audibly.

The judge told the court there were times the children would go to bed and not be allowed out until morning.

The mother would secure the doors with rope tied to the bannister, making it impossible for them to get out. This meant children were often forced to soil themselves during the night.

Due to the graphic and disturbing nature of many of the charges, The Compass has decided not to print many of the details.

The case has grabbed the attention of the entire province and has stoked a large amount of anger and hate in the comments section of online news sites and social media.

Numerous convictions

Due to the large number of charges, of which there were 45, Walsh chose to handle them in pieces.

He first dealt with the charges of common assault.

“The accused is a mother who easily became upset and took her frustrations out on the children,” said the judge.

Walsh convicted on six of the nine charges.

The woman was convicted on the assault with a weapon charge against her husband, while the nine weapon charges against the children were dismissed.

Walsh felt evidence did not prove beyond reasonable doubt these had occurred.

The woman was found guilty of willfully contributing to a child being in need of protective intervention, as well as one charge of corrupting children.

Walsh convicted the woman of four of 14 charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

The woman had previously pleaded guilty to five charges of unlawful confinement on May 1.

In total, she will be convicted on 20 charges.

The woman will remain in custody until a sentencing hearing on July 23.

Defense attorney Jeff Slade requested a pre-sentencing report, while prosecutor Lisa Stead anticipates submitting a victim impact statement in July.

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Geographic location: Conception Bay North

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Recent comments

  • pat
    October 20, 2014 - 22:22

    Please any one know her name? I would not want to go to bed with that local wich!! we need to know. she shouldent have kid's, we don't care about her children's name's we are not going to down grade or hate her kid's, we people should know her name because we would not want to go out with a wich.

  • Pearl Bradbury
    May 15, 2014 - 10:51

    I wish that I had known this was going on !!! I would have had their sorry rear ends in jail long ago !!! All the talk on Facebook about how she loves her children to the moon and back and they are her life !!! I hope her life is in prison with the prison welcome wagon waiting for her and her husband. Her husband is just as guilty as she is. Whether he did anything or not, he knew it was happening !!! He had to be just as bad as her to partake of their twisted sick, sex education !!! The extended family should be looked into as well !!!

  • empathy fort he children
    May 15, 2014 - 07:56

    "Due to the graphic and disturbing nature of many of the charges, The Compass has decided not to print many of the details." this woman is a MONSTER!!! Previous stories and reports indicate that this monster was removed from the home before she had more children WHY?? and Why in god's name was she allowed back, why was her children not protected, why didn't child welfare protect these children why didn't family members protect these children, SOMEONE had to know this was going on .. people are into other people's business all the time in small town, stop worrying if your neighbor has a permit to build their shed and start wondering why the child next door has a bloody nose, or looks starved or is bruised. I am sickened by the details of this abuse and even more so that it went on so long and no one NO ONE stopped it. Laws need to change children need to be protected, and monsters need to be punished. I understand the need for "beyond reasonable doubt" but its disgusting that she will only be held accountable for 20 out of 45 charges .. if there is any justic she will never see the light of day again (and life in prision is too easy/good for her). As for the "father" he deserves to be punished the same as her, he deserves the same charges because he did NOTHING to prevent it and nothing to stop it HE refused to protect his children, he is just as much of a monster as she is ... these sick b*****ds are disgusting, vile animals and have no remorse and honestly do not see what they did wrong. I pray they do not get off with these horrific crimes because they plead insanity or some nonsense. PLEASE let there be justice for the children and PLEASE with years of counselling and support from loving foster/adoptive families let the children heal and grow and thrive and survive the horrific life they had.

  • Not So Quiet Observer
    May 14, 2014 - 19:18

    Poor children will be scarred for life. What a terrible thing to do to anyone, let alone your own children.