RCMP nab delinquent drivers in Bay Roberts

Nicholas Mercer
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Officers lay 35 traffic charges in Country Road area

Members of the Trinity Conception RCMP laid more than two-dozen traffic charges in Bay Roberts over the weekend.


Stationed along Country Road in the community, officers laid 35 charges from Friday (May 30) afternoon to Sunday (June 1) afternoon.

This included 19 charges for failing to stop at a stop sign and 11 drivers were charged with speeding. Other charges included driving while suspended and the use of a cell phone while driving.

“It needed to happen,” said Sgt. Greg Hicks.

Traffic in the Country Road area has been the subject of much discussion over the last several months.

The Town of Bay Roberts has installed some traffic calming measures in an attempt to hinder the steady flow of traffic that the street sees.

This included a three-way stop at the intersection of Country Road and Sawdust Road, as well as noticeable “rumble strips,” which saw the town gouge sections of asphalt from the street at six separate locations, cutting perpendicular lines into the road.

Residents had raised concerns over the high speeds used by motorists along the corridor, which connects Conception Bay Highway with L. T. Stick Drive. Country Road is a winding, largely residential, two-lane street, and does not have sidewalks. 

“People tend to use it as a shortcut,” said Hicks.

As a result of the concerns of citizens and council, the RCMP and the town’s municipal enforcement officer have been conducting regular patrols of the area.

Town appreciative

Bay Roberts Mayor Philip Wood said his council is “appreciative” of the work done by the RCMP over the weekend.

“We know they have a large area to patrol,” he said.

Wood said he was by the high number of charges laid by police, which included 10 drivers from Bay Roberts.

“I am surprised,” he said. “The residents have been telling us that. I have been going in the area and I think we have been making some progress.

“But obviously, it wasn’t still enough.” 

The road was never designed for the high volume of traffic it experiences on a daily basis.

“It used to be called Country Path. So, that tells you what the road was designed for,” said Wood.

The town and the RCMP will continue to monitor the street and listen to the concerns of residents in the area.

“Judging by the high number of charges, their concerns were very justified,” said Wood.



Organizations: RCMP

Geographic location: Country Road, Bay Roberts, Sawdust Road Country Path

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Recent comments

  • Joanne
    June 03, 2014 - 21:35

    I am pretty sure Clarkes Beach would too that by a mile!

  • Unknown
    June 03, 2014 - 19:30

    Shiuld go to Eric Dawe Dr. Next it us school zone and tonnes of people walk there going to the new walking track.

  • New Resident
    June 03, 2014 - 17:39

    The traffic problem on Country Rd is, in my opinion, due the the large number of businesses that the town has approved on the main road in Bay Roberts. For those not familiar with Bay Roberts, I am refereeing to the stretch which runs parallel to Country Rd. The town ran out of frontage so now it has resorted to putting buisness' on the parking lots of the Bay Arena and two new buisness' on the local mall parking lot. There is a bigger problem to be found here....Look around the town and see what is happening....Greed for the inner circle of Bay Roberts is evident...

  • CountryRd
    June 03, 2014 - 17:02

    Country Road residents are also very appreciative of the towns work and the RCMP. I am from Country Road and have seen a massive increase in traffic and more importantly speed on this road. I hope these measures you are taking continue. 20 years ago my older brother was ran over by a speeding truck in front of our house.. it is a miracle he survived. There are a lot of young children on this road.. The speed limit is 40km/hr.. people tend to drive 60-70km/hr. But again, its great to see effort ftom the town and RCMP.

  • Unknown
    June 03, 2014 - 09:46

    People drive through country road because sometimes they are scared to drive through Bay Roberts due to all the traffic and the lack of care due no lines on the road. Last year it took Bay Roberts almost the full summer to add lines on the main road. I was driving through Bay Roberts last week and another car was coming towards me in my lane. Adding lines early in the year so people can see which line they are in will help traffic. Town of bay Roberts has too many busy restaurants in one area people need to drive different route when they are to scared to drive through Bay Roberts main road.

    • driver
      June 03, 2014 - 13:54

      I agree with your comment however that stretch of road is the responsibility of prov gov. The town cannot do the work on that road with regards to line painting or plowing. I was told also they have contacted the minister responsible, our MHA and the local depot to get this section done.

    • driver
      June 04, 2014 - 08:29

      Good points but the CB Highway is a prov gov owned and maintained road. The town is not permitted to do work on it or plow. I have asked and was told that the town has contacted the minister for T&W, local MHA and local T&W depot to have these lines done ASAP. That is who we should be putting pressure on to get this done.