‘Not fit to drive on’

Paul Herridge
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Condition of provincial roads a concern for Burin Town Council

Burin Councillor Everett Farwell was trying his best to be diplomatic Tuesday.

Gouges in the pavement on provincial highways around the Burin Peninsula, like this one just north of Marystown, are numerous and easy to find. More needs to be done to keep roads in better condition, according to Burin Town Council.

On the one hand, the Department of Transportation and Works has been generous in improving provincial roads and highways in the region this year, he said.

But during last week’s council meeting, Farwell also expressed frustration at the sad state of many of the thoroughfares around the Burin Peninsula.

One of the areas he identified specifically, just north of the Spanish Room branch, he called “not fit to drive on.”

Describing repairs as “Band-Aid treatment,” Farwell suggested there are numerous places with major dips in the road. He said holes in the ruts have been patched instead of fixing the grooves properly.

“To me, that’s not good enough,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Howard Lundrigan agreed.

“Nothing ever seems to get done with the roads, I’ve got to say. There are holes everywhere.”

Lundrigan suggested some traffic cones and warning signs have been in place for so long that people hardly even notice them anymore.

“It’s not the local highway crews. There’s no money budgeted provincially for upkeep.” Burin Mayor Kevin Lundrigan

Mayor Kevin Lundrigan acknowledged road shoulders in many areas are particularly bad.

“It’s not the local highway crews. There’s no money budgeted provincially for upkeep,” he said.

“There are a lot of places you can’t haul off. If you get a flat tire, you’ve got to repair it on the side of the road. It’s not just peanuts you need to repair the road. You’re looking at big dollars.”

Farwell noted, “I think the Department of Transportation and Works has got to make a better effort to repair our public roads.”

Council agreed to write the department to express its concerns about road shoulders and washouts.

“The longer they wait, the worse it’s going to get,” the deputy mayor said.


Organizations: Department of Transportation and Works, Burin Town Council

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