Goulds neighbourhood can’t handle 44 more homes: residents

Daniel MacEachern
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Residents near a proposed housing development in the Goulds say the addition of 22 duplexes will put too much strain on the infrastructure.

The development would connect the ends of Everard Avenue and Kieley Drive, but people who have been collecting signatures against it say residents have enough difficulty already without the additional strain of 44 new homes.

“When our streets were put in, we were with the township of Goulds,” Carol Ann Parrell told The Telegram.

“Our streets are nine feet narrower than the standard street. We have no sidewalks. We have had problems with our sewer system since Day 1. We’ve had flooding as recent as 2010 — seven homes flooded out from the system backing up. We’ve had raw sewage in bathtubs. And they want to rezone this?”

Resident Daphne Pittman emailed The Telegram a long list of concerns, including increased risk of sewer backups and accidents due to higher traffic. To accommodate the development, the city will have to approve rezoning of the land from low to medium density.

“We want the city’s assurance that if they approve the rezoning of the land, and the building of the houses and water and sewer system in place, the City of St. John’s will take responsibility for damage to property,” wrote Pittman.

Parrell said she wasn’t satisfied with a public meeting held in June, where city officials said they hoped the development will improve the underground infrastructure.

“‘Hopefully’ is not a guarantee. … The last time we got flooded, the homeowners had to go to their insurance at their own expense,” she said.

“But they have to do something with the existing plumbing before they hook up other people, or we’re all going to be in the same boat twice.”

Parrell, who said she’s collected signatures against the development from almost all of the residents of Everard and Kieley, also said Ward 5 Coun. Wally Collins told her he’s all for the development.

“He told me that I cannot stop progress and it’s going ahead,” she said.

That’s not so, said Collins, who said city council won’t vote on the development until more water and sewer tests are done.

“Right now we’re checking the water pressure on all the houses, and the sewer, to see if there’s any trouble with the water and the sewer,” he said, adding he hasn’t made up his mind on the development.

“We’ve got to look at all the facts yet before we make up our mind one way or the other. … I never said that I support it. I never said I don’t support it.”



Organizations: The Telegram

Geographic location: Goulds, Everard Avenue

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Recent comments

  • Michael Gillett
    July 17, 2014 - 20:41

    Alright well you are all thinking about yourselfs. Don't you have kids. Kids from 10 - 16 years of age are down on Everard Ave some days playing hockey or basketball. When they puts in the loop going around. Who knows that a speeding car could come around that loop and hit that child. Then what are you going to do? Driver say sorry. What about that child. he could die or lucky live. I lives down on that street. I plays Basketball everyday. Rain or shine. I knows everybody who drives up and down that street. They watches out for me. And I does for them.

  • Lisa OConnell
    July 17, 2014 - 08:23

    I am living in the Goulds for 10 years now and the city came in and hooked up Shoal Bay Rd to the water system but would not come down on Mill Rd where there are only 6 - 7 homes because they said the water house cannot handle any more hookups. But here they are building all kinds of new homes and hooking them up to it. There is something wrong with this picture, the city should take care and give good water to the residents living in the Goulds first before they go ahead and build new homes.

    • Tom
      July 17, 2014 - 12:11

      The 22 new homes including all water and sewer infrastructure, trunk hook up and lift stations, if required would be at the expense of the developer.