How to turn domestic ducks into dead ducks

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It is that time of the year again when we see people dropping off “the pretty little ducklings” that grew up and became messy in their home pens.

These ducks are said to have been abandoned in Ryan's Brook, Spaniard's Bay.

So as they take their children or grandchildren, with the ducks, down to the water and talk about letting them go and enjoy the great waterways, there are just a few things they forgot to tell them, as the ducks are not accustomed to finding food. They don't tell them the tourists and visitors who throw out some food items will leave the area as fall arrives.

As winter comes along and the snow arrives, even those who try to help cannot get to the parks and areas to feed them. The eagles will have a few meals of them as they weaken, gulls will pick at the weak ones as they die and as food sources become sparse some will wander to the road for food and get run over.

There is hope. Maybe one or two will survive the winter with the help of a few people.

So, to whomever dropped off the 10 ducks a few weeks or so ago at Ryan’s Brook, please tell your children or grandchildren that you are actually irresponsible and chances are the ducks will all succumb to the winter's harsh environment and die because they were a bother to you.

— Bernie Hill writes from Spaniard's Bay

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