Two bear spray incidents for RNC

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After 3:00 a.m. Saturday night, police in the George Street area arrested a 20 year old male for carrying bear spray.


He was charged with possession of a weapon dangerous to the public and possession of a prohibited weapon.

It was the second incident involving bear spray in St. John's the weekend. On Friday night, bear spray was used in the robbery of a gas station.

Geographic location: St. John's

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  • Bear Spray. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.
    September 01, 2014 - 11:50

    Nobody needs this product. If you are a letter carrier or a geologist afraid of dogs and bears, then you are afraid. Get another assignment or employer, or stay the fkkk home in cotton balls as drones take your field jobs. Pepper Spray: another societal misery brought to you by the 'equality & rights brigade' that determines anyone can magically qualify to do any job in the magical equality-driven world. No, sorry, in my opinion, if you are scared to the point of relying on useless, verging on superstitious, tools, don't be a cop, work in the bush or even do door deliveries. Any way you cut it, it is only a spineless wimp or gutless coward who needs this ineffective method of deterrent. Someone may flip out and flash a knife at someone at a party, superficial wounds, ambulance comes, spot clean carpet, no big deal. Spray this, and the party is over for sure and the house is not fit to sleep in for days. It may be non- lethal but it is very disrespectful to those not in the fight. I'd rather people have semi-lethal force that they respect, and I can respect, than this - it is as simple as a walking stick or callapsable baton. Pepper spray doesn't deter or help prevent sex assaults - you may as well ask your potential rapist out for Suicide Wings. Blowing a canned air horn or a whistle is better. Accidentally spraying this non-lethal substance in moving vehicles kills people. As well, a can of Axe Body Spray will work as well for the 20 year old who wants the blinding edge in the beginning of a fist fight. This 'its 3AM I must be lonely' 20 year old is never getting laid anyway and may as well use his Axe for a purpose it is better suited for. Anyone robbing a store with bear spray could use a cheaper option, a can of Raid, or noname brand oven cleaner (right off the shelf) but they are influenced into following the leaders of stupid-force application by appropriating the same useless tools of our young, frail, frightened police. Go back to whacking each other with sticks and stop squirting condiments at each other that bother other uninvolved people.