Town ‘eyesore’ going to auction again

Melissa Jenkins
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A property in the Town of Carbonear that houses a dilapidated building is going to auction.

The former Easy Save Building in Carbonear has drawn much critism from residents and councillors in the past decade, and many are pushing for it to be torn down.

For the second time in several years, 234 Water Street, the location of the former Easy Save building, will be up for grabs. Taxes for the property are in arrears, and the town has decided to go ahead and auction it to recoup the losses.

When this process happened previously, the taxes were paid just prior to the auction. This prohibited the town from selling the property, leaving what some consider a pink and blue eyesore still standing.

An ad in this week’s Compass says the property known as the Surprise Bag Company, the name of the most recent business to set up shop at that address, will go to auction April 23 at 2 p.m. at the town’s council chamber.

Locals have been calling for the removal of the structure for years. It is located at the start of the town’s downtown historic district and directly next to the Stone Jug, a multi-million dollar restaurant that is set to open this spring.

A call for proposals to demolish the building was issued in September.

Until the auction, it is uncertain if the building will torn down right away, but councillors and locals are hoping for a solution to the problem soon.

Information on the property is available by contacting town clerk Cathy Somers at 596-8381.

Organizations: Surprise Bag Company

Geographic location: 234 Water Street, Stone Jug

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Recent comments

  • Me-old-stick-in-the-mud
    March 24, 2015 - 11:01

    Further to this Mr. Grab Bag fiasco, somebody needs to take Shelia's Brush and sweep clean the administration at our Carbonear Town Hall. This eye sore building issue has been going on for nearly 8 years! Can you believe it? How many people do you overhear saying in the Carbonear supermarkets, and in the public, etc. etc., that our Town Hall has been hijacked? The Administrator and clerk must go. People have been saying it for years. Recently, the Town turned around and hired, yet, another inside worker in the name of K I Bath as an economic development officer. This is unreal. Whose is paying for that flock of inside workers which seems to keep growing? We tax payers are being squeezed dry, while the inside workers jet off to Toronto and the like to attend Trade Shows… TRADE SHOWS!!! You think we are all stupid! At the Council meetings nobody talks anymore. The Councillors say nothing, anymore. Now, they all have an I-Pad or lap top, and they just sit there and scroll down their electronic device with their finger. From time to time, one of them lifts their head to say to say, “ I second that motion.” There is no more debate. No open discussion. It is all done “in committee,”… you mean “ IN SECRET”… Tax payers are only allowed to speak at a Council meeting, if they have asked for prior approval, and the subject they wish to speak on has been approved beforehand. Our Town Hall has been hijacked. For years, Council meetings had been moved to 4pm, so working tax payers could not attend. Now, and only until this summer, did they recently move the meeting time back to 7pm, and that was done just for now, and for the convenience of one of the Councillor’s work shift. Look! My grandfather, like many other Carbonear war veterans fought the Nazis for FREEDOM… What is happening at our Town Hall is making a mockery of their sacrifice. As I recall, nowhere in that Carbonear Town Hall can you even openly and clearly see a displayed picture or any mementos to men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice, so that we, here in Carbonear could live in an open, and honest democracy. What you might see adorning some of the walls of Town Hall building are mementos and memories to relatives of some of the clique who, over the past recent years have hijacked our Town Hall. How many times do I have to say it, our Town Hall has been hijacked! The Administrator and clerk must go

    • not so old
      March 26, 2015 - 22:52

      Well said and needed!! thank you!

  • mary
    March 24, 2015 - 09:20

    I find it appalling that the Town of Carbonear is going to put this horrible eyesore up on auction yet again, trying to recoup its costs. HUH? In October, the council were supposed to be putting out proposals for demolition- what happened here? Spring is around the corner, this gross eyesore should be removed before the Stone Jug opens up. Its an embarrassment to the our town. Its the first thing you see when you enter our "historical downtown district" How about you do everyone in town a big favour and demolish this building and clean up the corner? Perhaps if the town is so desperate to recoup its losses or save money, they cancel their approved plan to buy yet another vehicle this year- I rather they spend $47,000 plus HST on demolition than on a 2015 truck for the town workers to drive around in!

  • Me-old-stick-in-the-mud
    March 24, 2015 - 07:49

    What if the taxes are again paid just prior to the auction? This is a ridiculous game of cat and mouse at the Carbonear taxpayers’ expense? We Carbonear people are paying for this charade. How many ads have been run in the Compass newspaper since this fiasco has started, and at what cost? How many unnecessary staff hours of work has gone into this matter? When you call the Town hall, all you get is voice mail because staff are probably, yet again, losing their time on a matter that should have been dealt with swiftly, years ago. If it had to be a regular Joe Blow Citizen, the Town would have issued, a demolition order, if it was not complied with, the Town would have flatten the eye sore, cleaned up the site, and sent the bill to the owner. However, in this case, does the owner’s father have a big fancy marble monument in admiration of him out in front of the Town Halls entrance? Has that anything to do with the seemingly preferential treatment that this matter appears to have been given? The entrance sign to Carbonear should properly read, the Town of WHO YOU ARE really matters. There is a self-righteous clique that have always existed in Carbonear, and in recent years they have hijacked our Town Hall. Below I include a comment that I had made to the Compass on this very same issue 10 months ago, and, yet, the saga continues. LOL. Again, I demand that the total amount of money that this issue has caused the Town be published. Should whoever is in charge, be forced to resign for, what seems to be, mismanagement. If a CEO in the world of private business had handled this file in this matter, they would have been fired long ago. Mr. Mayor, Mr. Deputy Mayor, Town Councillors, Town Administrator, somebody, step up to the plate, and end this charade. Stop spending our tax money, after tax money on this charade! Stop it! Is there any shame? - Of course, you all wish to point the finger, and shift the blame. I wrote to the Compass 10 months ago on this very matter, and yet it continues… Please read below… Mr. Grab Bag May 27, 2014 - 06:36 Featuring the Carbonear Town Council as [The Mother Goose Club]… Round and round the Easy Save the monkey chased the weasel. Calvin stopped to pull up his socks and Pop goes the weasel. If it was Joe Blow, Mr. Carbonear Nobody, 7 years ago when this fiasco started, you would have issued a demolition order, have the Town cop serve it, and, if there was no compliance, you’d have one of your Tender buddies tear it down, and send the bill with interest to Mr. Joe Blow. What a joke, guys! Get your act together. I ask that the Town publish how much has been spent to date on this matter? $100,000? How much is the whole kit and caboodle eye sore worth, anyway? … - Like, Nothing! Let’s call Sammy Claws, he’ll know what to cock-a-diddle-do…

    • Taxpayer
      March 24, 2015 - 12:04

      You are right this situation has gone on for too long and the building should be removed asap. Yet if one reflects on previous articles in the Compass they would clearly note that the tender to remove the asbestos filled, dilapidated building was $175,000. Yes $175 plus 3 zeros. Larry was talking to a councillor and he noted that the pervious owner is trying to get the Sheriff to tear down the building, but CBDC also has a court ruling that they own the building. In any case, the building will be auctioned, Town receive its $4-5000 in outstanding taxes and the new owner will have to dispose of the building as the demolition order is still valid.

  • Ugly
    March 24, 2015 - 06:58

    They can tear down a beautiful heritage house in St. John's lickity split, yet this eyesore remains in Carbonear for years and years. Come on town council. Time to get rid of this!

    • History
      March 24, 2015 - 12:08

      Yes but the building in St. John's was torn down by the person who owned the building and he had a purpose for the land. This owner has no plan other than to be selfish. Brennan will then open the Stone jug when he has the proper officials do the necessary drawing etc which have to be submitted to government.

  • ~Alicia
    March 23, 2015 - 20:19

    For gosh sakes please someone tear it down soon-what a shame for the 'Stone Jug' opening in a few months-'The Stone Jug' restoration had been advertised in the 'Telegram' since 2011 and there is a write up about it in the April edition of the 'Downhome'.