Carbonear calling for new depot designs

Melissa Jenkins
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The Town of Carbonear is moving ahead with planning for a building at its new public works yard.

Carbonear's director of public works Brian O'Grady stands in front of the future home of the town's new work depot.

During a regular council meeting on Monday, May 4, councillors unanimously voted to issue a request for proposals (RFP) for the building, which will be located at the new depot site on Goff Avenue.

For several years, the town has been purchasing more equipment and has outgrown the current location on Bannerman Street.

Although there is no indication on size or what will be included in the new structure, sources say a new lunchroom, large bays for equipment, a carpentry shop and a laundry facility are on the list.

The lunchroom is situated in the former municipal building that was open until 1998, when the Conception Bay Regional Community Centre opened. Most equipment is currently kept outdoors during all seasons.

Although it is unknown what will happen with the current work yard once the new depot is up and running, some believe it will go to the fire department, which is located across the street, for training and storage.

The town expects construction will begin later this year.

Organizations: Conception Bay Regional Community Centre

Geographic location: Goff Avenue, Bannerman Street

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Recent comments

  • jerry
    May 12, 2015 - 07:23

    when will the employee wash his or her work clothes ? After work ? Unlikely ! just imagine , Carbonear taxpayers paying for Carbonear employees to wash their "work" clothes on the backs of taxpayers !!!!! And while your at it drop down and get my poor moms clothes , you know she finds it a bit rough with paying for your wages and all ! give us a break please !

  • curious
    May 11, 2015 - 09:32

    I would love to know how much this new depot will cost the Town of Carbonear. Can this information be made public please? It seems a waste of taxpayers money, and it should be brought open for public debate.

  • Mr. Observer
    May 11, 2015 - 08:49

    To Mr. Carbonear Resident... In your post you write... "No one wants their own washers ruined from grease and oil, and the laundry facility is not for their clothes, just their coveralls"... So, you are saying that it is not ok to ruin their clothes washers at home, but it is ok to ruin the clothes washers at their work place that presumably the Town will keep replacing at the Taxpayers cost. Not to mention the additional cost of running those clothes dryers, washers, and other associated gizamos, and all on the backs of the Carbonear taxpayers!... I give up! Only for I find it all so funny, I would not waste my time writing, but I find the goings on at the CarbonearTown Hall with Mother Goose and all just so obscenely funny... I just cannot resit... It gives me stitches laughing... Of course, in reality all the goings on down there and the waste of money is not so funny, but do you think they care, or even the townsfolk for that matter. Although I refer to the Carbonear Taxpayers as the silent majority who are appalled at the waste of money, there is such a "la belle indifference" that most residents just grin and bare it... like you would...

    • Tax Payer through the Nose!
      May 19, 2015 - 00:00

      I applaud the well written comments of Mr Observer, now if the rest of Carbonear can stand up and take notice? as to the town managers, there is needed a much needed change over of those that now are in power..and if a person is to count the heads that now have paying job titles at Council level, is there no wonder why the roads are in such deplorable condition! Who is to stop this abuse of finances? the PEOPLE who should have a voice, not a paid manager!

  • Mr. Observer
    May 11, 2015 - 06:28

    I forgot to ask in my last post… Will the Works Superintendent, Brian O’Grady, be giving lessons to the Council workers in ironing clothes when the proposed laundry room for the newly planned depot is opened? I imagine O’Grady is up to scratch on the latest techniques in starching and how to apply Febreze for that ultimate smelly freshness. If O’Grady is not up to par on the latest ironing techniques than maybe Town Administrator, Cynthia Davis, can take a moment from her busy schedule to give a quick lesson on how to “shout it out.” LOL

    • Carbonear resident
      May 11, 2015 - 08:01

      It makes sense for them to have a laundry facility... No one wants their washers ruined from grease and oil... It's not for their clothes... Probably their coveralls. You, Mr. Observer, are not very observant.

  • Mr. Observer
    May 11, 2015 - 06:08

    The wives of the Council workers should be happier. Less laundry to do, now that the hubby can do his own laundry at work in the new planned depot that apparently calls for a laundry room in its design. Instead of packing a lunch to take to work, the wives can now possibly slip in a bag or two of their own laundry for the hubby to do at work. Maybe no need to even pack a lunch for hubby anymore, as he can probably whip up his own lunch in any new kitchen design for the depot "lunch" room…LOL… What’s next to be negotiated in the workers contract?… a laundry break… LOL … It only gets worse…

  • Mr. Observer
    May 08, 2015 - 09:17

    This above Compass story mentions planning for the new Carbonear depot building with a "laundry facility"... What's all that about? All the rest of us have to take our work clothes home and wash and dry it at our own expense! You mean the tax payers will now be on the hook to outfit this laundry room, and to purchase countless number of heavy duty clothes dryers over the years javex, softener, detergent, pay the high hydro cost of running clothes dryers, and heating hot water tanks for laundry and dish washers?... When are they going to do their laundry? Will it clash with their working time? Any ironing involved? Why not throw it a Molly Maid for ironing at the tax payer’s expense? I guess they can now have their -Xmas dinners and other parties in their new furnished oven kitchen, and of course, got to have new kitchen cabinets? Turkey dinners and gifts that the taxpayers are on the hook for? Does the Town not now have a bunch of employees taking Town vehicles home now every night, using tax payer’s gas money to get to and from work? All the rest of us got to get to work at our own expense! For those who do not take a Town vehicle home, are the other employees providing a free pick up ride [taxi service] in the morning and free ride home after work, and for those who go home to lunch? Is this another freebee? How about informing the tax payers about this depot?... i.e. cost, size of it etc etc. This is the first time this new depot construction was ever mentioned in public?... I suppose the Superintendent of Works will relocate to this new depot with a suite of offices, and furniture and photocopiers and computers etc etc.? Talk about dirty laundry... Will this seemingly abuse and questionable mismanagement of tax payer’s money ever come to an end? The tax payers in Cupids last week rose up against their Town administrators and councillors. How much does it take to get the silent majority of Carbonear tax payes to rise up and fire half that bunch?