Discipline key in bullying debate, says writer

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A bug was put in my ear recently about another act of bullying in one of our local schools.

Letter to the Editor

Dear sir,

A bug was put in my ear recently about another act of bullying in one of our local schools. Apparently, another unkind picture was taken of a student and then circulated around the school.

A person who was familiar with the situation made a statement to me that gave me much food for thought, that perhaps many minds have never before looked at it in this way.

The remark made, regarding cell phones was, "those picture taking phones are a weapon."

It was a statement of fact.

Any instrument used to destory would be considered a weapon, wouldn't it?

Especially, if it was the destruction of a person in one form or another. A knive, a gun, a bomb, such chemicals to produce destruction, would be confiscated wouldn't it?

Well, I think the time has come to rethink the use of these phones in the school area. They are being used as a weapon and I think we have to face it.

Myself and my family, as well as thousands over the years have had these phones as a part of our school environment. What you don't have, you don't miss as our school days progressed in a much more dignified and stable way.

If a phone call was to be made, we went to the school office to do so.

Discipline — that's the secret word.

— Joy French Coleman writes from Harbour Grace.

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Recent comments

  • Former BAYWOMAN
    February 15, 2014 - 10:07

    Unfortunately the "bullies" are more protected than the "kids" that they bully these days. To the point where the "bullied kid" has to move schools while the "bully" gets to stay on in the school to bully others, in our case (maybe not in all but a lot)-I can only hope that those in charge will do more to prevent this from happening again. Social Media via cell phones/Ipads does make it so much easier for the "bullies"; to the point where it can be and is a very dangerous weapon-good point.

  • Michael
    February 13, 2014 - 14:55

    Regardless of cell phone rules in school there will always be cell phones in school. Most schools these days do have a no cell phone rule in place, but obviously people are still bringing them to school. We shouldn't simply ban phones and expect the problem to be resolved, because honestly that never works. We should instead take more time to understand the bullies themselves and understand their motivations. Statistics have shown that a large percentage of youth that "bully" other students have been victims of bullying, themselves; whether that be at school or at home. Rather that harshly discipline these youth, we should attempt to better understand them and give them help and advice on how to properly cope with their own victimization, rather that make them feel further victimized,which has been showen to be more harmful than otherwise. Administration should focus on rehabilitation and proper psychological assistance, rather than harsh discipline. This should be about helping, not getting even.