LETTER: Family violence is no laughing matter, writes Broad Cove woman

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When we were given the right to vote and exercise that right, that right undeniably also comes with rights and responsibilities, namely the right to not sell, trade or alter that vote in any way, shape or form.

letter to the editor

So, too, comes rights and responsibilities of those we elect. Namely the right to govern the province in a way that best represents those of the people in the respective electoral districts, the responsibility to enact legislation best suited to the needs of the people and the power to enact /enforce the legislative laws and amendments and the right to hear the voices of those who elected them to the government, via all manner of correspondence, be it phone calls, letters, emails and petitions.

To my horror, I discovered they indeed do not respond to phone calls, letters, emails, and have taken to laughing at petitions presented in the House of Assembly.

Recently, such a petition on domestic violence was presented in the House and was met with laughter.

I am outraged and totally disgusted by this act of flagrant disregard toward women, children and abuse.

That is totally disgusting to hear. What it says to me is how little regard government has for women and womens' issues. It is 2014; have we regressed in time? Have we gone back to the 1960s and 1970s? Since when is beating a woman or child something to laugh at? It is a slap in the face to the voters in this province, much moreso to victims of abuse. Is this the real reason they did away with so many jobs in the family violence courts in the 2013 budget?

What it also says to me is, "Wait until election 2015," and we'll see just who laughs then.

Just remember: voters may be dismissed now as petty irritants, but we have long memories and you, the politician, can rest assured many of us will be asking you about your ability to laugh at women and children as victims of violence come 2015.

— Wanda White writes from Broad Cove, Conception Bay North

Geographic location: Broad Cove, Conception Bay

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