LETTER: Unkempt roads causing problems for drivers

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If ever I have a head-on collision (God forbid) on one of our many neglected highways, if I survive, I will sue the government for millions.

Letter to the editor

I don't know about you, but I for one can't believe the ridiculous condition of our main driving routes. The problems are: no lines, deep ruts, jagged pavement, deep ditches and poor sinage.

A few days ago I decided to take a sunny afternoon drive from our home in Clarke's Beach to Winterton, Trinity Bay.

Having survived the dangerous ride along the main highway in Bay Roberts (I say survived because we were nearly side-swiped twice there in about three minutes), we carried on wishing we had white lines beneath us.

Drivers are nuts, it seems. Many of them are tearing up the asphalt, driving by the seat of their pants as there are no lines to follow for directions. The road is just black pavement.

A goodly number are seniors are, like me, not as sharp as we used to be.

Many drivers are texting behind the wheel. Then there are the obvious problems with intoxification, cell phones and people on prescription drugs or otherwise. All part of the harry caray groups on our roads.

The most gut-wrenching, heart pounding part of the afternoon was the trip across the moose-laden Heart's Content Barrens, and our return trip across the New Harbour Barrens. It was (and is) like a gamblers obstacle course only this time the prize may be instant death or worse again, dismemberment for life with a wheelchair as the only means of transportation.

Speeding is another problem.

There are absolutely no lines to follow, or the few that are there are barely visible.

Trucks, cars, motorcycles zoom along ,passing on a wing and a prayer. We nearly got clipped by a pickup truck on the Tilton (New Harbour) barrens. And the speed they're driving is just ridiculous.

The very least we should demand are proper lines and proper signs. After all, these are as crucial to us drivers as radar is to aviators.

So let's get mad. Let's not take it anymore. Let's call our MHAs and our Government Highways Departments, even open-line shows and complain. It is our safety we are fighting for.

Remember, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," if there is a wheel left, that is.

— Bill Westcott writes from Clarke's Beach

Geographic location: Trinity Bay, New Harbour Barrens, Bay Roberts

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Recent comments

  • Bill Westcott
    June 27, 2014 - 08:28

    Duffy The real question is what are we Canadians going to do about the guy Harper? At the rate he is going we won't have a Crown to ask a question to. Look at what he is doing to the CBC and the National Research Institute. Next thing he will close our Universities. However, having said that, a little less cynicysm on your part would help and a phone call to your MHA would suffice I am sure. I'm phoning mine.

  • Duffy
    June 23, 2014 - 20:50

    Great Bravado Sir but you live in a Socialist Country where we are allowed limited controlled voting and you need "permission" from the government to sue. The law says they are not liable for the roads condition and under Bill 29 you can not get any information and RCMP Accident Reports are protected as private federally. So Sir, the threats of lawsuits fall on deaf political and justice system ears.....maybe this year they can pass a Bill 30 to make Bill 29 Secret.