LETTER: Unidentified writer has propensity towards hate, says Westcott

Bill Westcott
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I witnessed one of the most despicable uses of a nom de plume — a pen name — I have seen for a long while on The Compass website last week.

letter to the editor

The online writer, using the name "breakforcoffee2," was commenting on a letter to the editor I had written, spotlighting the welcoming of 30 new Canadians during a heart-warming induction ceremony earlier in the week at the Cupids Legacy Centre.

This gutless writer appears to have been endowed with a propensity towards hate. This unknown writer certainly does not have an "attitude of gratitude."


Deplorable comments

Following the ceremony, I mingled and had the privilege and the honour of chatting with some of the new inductees, who were excited and overwhelmed as they waved their miniature Canadian flags.

Here is a sampling of the comment by "breakforcoffee2":

" … yes, and tell our newly minted Canadians to leave their nationalistic prejudices, tribal wars, regional conflicts, and the likes where they belong."

He made reference to the Tamils of Toronto as an example.

Comments like these encourages resentments on the level of pure hatred, in my view. After the ceremony in Cupids I spoke and shook hands with doctors, engineers, teachers and young families with young school age children, all of whom can't wait to contribute to their new Canadian home.

For many of them, their choice for a better life is Canada. They left, in heartache and tears, wartorn homelands and in the process left behind their extended families, some of whom will never be seen again. The gratitude in their eyes brought tears to mine and our shared handshakes were firm and sincere to me.


Our nation of Immigrants

What amazes me is that this writer can be so narrow minded and self-centred. The Canada we live in was created and prospered as a result of immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Norway and other countries.

A few years back, while on vacation in Florida, I had a fairly serious medical event that was close to being fatal. Thanks to the professional work of paramedics — some from The Philippines, some from Cuba —  and medical specialists from South Africa and India, my good health was restored.

I wish to say how fortunate we are to have these wonderful professionals and their families in our midst.


A sincere apology required

On behalf of all Canadians I would like to apologize to these newly-installed Canadian citizens from afar. I pray these comments by the writer who chose to remain anonymous are considered for what, in my opinion, they are — despicable, insulting, arrogant and prejudicial.

These are terrible comments that emanate from a very small minority in this great country of ours. That is a certainty.

Without fear and with full disclosure, I sign my name …

— Bill Westcott proudly writes from Clarke's Beach, and asked to sign off with this quote from a noted civil rights leader.




Hate multiplies hate,

Violence multiplies violence,

Toughness multiplies toughness,

In a descending spiral of destruction.

This chain of evil destruction must be stopped.

— Dr. Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

Organizations: Cupids Legacy Centre

Geographic location: Canada, Toronto, England Ireland Scotland Iceland Norway Florida Cuba South Africa India

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Recent comments

  • Joe
    August 29, 2014 - 12:49

    It seems odd that one who writes so well and is so confident of their own conclusions considers others who may have a different outlook as bigots or hate-mongers. Mr Westcott have you ever considered that free speech means just that even though you and I may disagree with a persons outlook ?

  • Alicia
    August 27, 2014 - 16:15

    Canada is very multicultural! I love trying foods from different countries and experiencing celebrations that another may partake in. The only thing I ask is to leave ‘Christ’ in ‘Christ’mas. It has already been put forth the recommendation to remove the “supremacy of God” clause from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which I’m not in agreement with. Almost every religious group has some ‘type of God’ that they worship or pray to, so I don’t believe it needs to be removed. I hope and pray that we can all live in this beautiful country with harmony and peace.

  • Fred
    August 27, 2014 - 09:23

    Bill I never read your article regarding the hew Canadians ceremony but everywhere we turn anymore if one expresses an opinion that is not in tune with liberal ideology then h/'she is branded as a hater. Hate is the most misused word in the English language. Barack Obama has used it repeatedly to brow beat his ideologies on Americans. People are scared to open their mouths in fear of offending someone. It's most "breakforcoffee" merely expressed what the majority of open minded Canadians think every day. Canada no longer has the old European immigrants that flocked to our shores and built the country of what it is today. This new wave of immigration is now dividing us. Canada has become a country of communities instead of assimilating into the main stream. For example we recently witnessed Palestinians beating up Jews as the demonstrated in Calgary with no interference from the police. Yes leave your prejudices behind and become Canadian by all means. I could go on but I digress. By all means welcome new Canadians but do not be blinded by reality. Too many nowadays have Citizenship of convenience. "breakforcoffee2" may not be the most articulate but I doubt he is full of hatred