Codroy Seafoods gets $100,000 grant from province

Brodie Thomas
Published on July 30, 2014
Codroy Seafoods owner John Osmond tours his fish plant with Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Hutchings and Leonard House, development officer with the department.
Brodie Thomas photo

More fresh lobster could be finding its way to Newfoundlander's plates after a significant grant was made to a local fish plant.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Hutchings announced a $100,000 grant for the plant this morning.

The minister then toured the plant with owner John Osmond.

The money came from the government’s Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program. Hutchings said there is about $4 million budgeted over the next few years.

Plant owner John Osmond said the money will be used to upgrade refrigeration equipment at his lobster holding facility in Port aux Basques.

He expects to have the upgrades made by next lobster fishing season, and said it will enable him to keep lobsters alive through to December if needed.

The fish plant employs upwards of 70 people for as many as 24 weeks each year.