New cattle farm proposed for Roaches Line

NL Cattle Company Ltd. says plan is to expand production

Published on February 3, 2017

The land where NL Cattle Company Ltd. is proposing to develop a new farm on the Avalon Peninsula. This image was included in the company’s registration for environmental assessment with the province.

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A new cattle farm is being proposed for a 123-acre area near Smallwoods Farm, along the Veterans Memorial Highway and Roaches Line.

The NL Cattle Company Ltd. has filed for environmental assessment on its plans, covering three land parcels, with the plan to develop grazing and hay production area at a rate of about 10 hectares a year. The business, owned and operated by Geoff Young, would produce about 100 head of cattle a year when fully developed, according to information provided for the assessment process.

In registering the project for review, Young stated his company is currently active, under a 10-year land rental agreement with Hodge Acres Farms Ltd., near Ocean Pond. After two summers building up his herd and operation, with a herd size of about 30 as of the coming spring, Young said he sees a need for more space and the ability to have his own land, to build and own fixed structures including animal housing, hay storage and equipment storage.

The proposed development area would be used mostly for hay growing and as pasture land, the application states, with clearing, enhancement and seeding required.

 “Since we do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides of any kind both on our soil or cattle I cannot see any possible impact on the groundwater,” the application stated. “We pasture raise our cattle year round, and by doing this we evenly distribute their manure across the entire farm.”

If approved, Young would begin work in spring 2017.

The business currently employs two people, one being Young, with some past help from student workers in the summer months. One more worker may be required for early development of the new farm.

Public comments are being sought by the Department of Environment and Conservation to March 9, with a decision expected from the minister by March 17.