Trinity South fish processor, towns benefit from federal funds

Published on March 13, 2017

Green Seafoods is using $50,000 to support the work of a scientist looking into opportunities to sell waste associated with various fisheries. From the left are vice-president of operations Mark Sheppard, president Derek Green, Bonavista-Burin-Trinity MP Judy Foote and vice-president of marketing Jennifer Green-Sheppard.

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Green Seafoods Ltd. is hopeful a research scientist's work will identify new opportunities for its production facility in Winterton, Trinity Bay.

Bonavista-Burin-Trinity MP Judy Foote dropped by the town’s municipal building Monday morning to announce details of recent federal government investments made in Winterton.

E.J. Green & Company Ltd, the parent company of Green Seafoods Ltd., received $50,000 to hire a research scientist. The Town of Winterton will use a conditionally repayable investment of $100,000 to upgrade the electrical system at Outside Pond RV Park.

You’re bringing the scientist here, you’re paying for a scientist, and you don’t know what you’re going to find, really. So ACOA is just helping us share some of that risk. Jennifer Green-Sheppard

Foote was also in Old Perlican Monday, where the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s investment in the outdoor surface for skating and summer events was acknowledged. ACOA invested almost $60,000 in that project.

Jennifer Green-Sheppard, vice-president of marketing for Green Seafoods, said the research scientist’s work focuses on waste either scraped or cut off from product that goes through secondary processing in Winterton.

“Say, for example, you have your small-sized mussel that is outside the realm of the normal grade that you’ll see (in stores). So what can we do with those small mussels? What can we do with byproducts from the fish if you fillet it or you cut it? What do you do with things like sea cucumber? We remove the gut from the sea cucumber. We remove the flower. So, what can we do with those products?”

In some cases, the waste contains proteins that are of use to the pharmaceutical industry. This was news to Green-Sheppard’s ears when the scientist shared this information with her.

“It’s risky,” she added. “You don’t know if it’s going to pay off. You’re bringing the scientist here, you’re paying for a scientist, and you don’t know what you’re going to find, really. So ACOA is just helping us share some of that risk.”

Ultimately, the company hopes new opportunities for business identified through the scientist’s work will lead to increased employment at Green Seafoods.

Members of the Winterton town council with MP Judy Foote — (l-r) Mayor Mark Sheppard, Coun. Hilda Green, Foote, and councillors Linda Cole, Gary Hiscock and Charlie Reid.
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For the municipally-operated RV park, the conditionally repayable investment allows the town to increase the amperage for campsites to accommodate larger vehicles. Mayor Mark Sheppard said as campers and motorhomes increase in size, they expect a stronger electrical supply.

“I mean, your house is a 200-amp service, so the trailer is going to draw a quarter of what a house draws, so we have a lot of people coming along who either want a 30-amp or a 50-amp, and basically our old system can’t handle it,” the mayor said Monday morning.

Bringing a wealth of tourists to the area, Sheppard said the RV park is great for the local economy.

“It’s a wonderful thing from our point of view. We’ve basically got people who spend twice as much as you’d spend to have taxes paid on a house in Winterton to rent a space at an RV site for the summer. So we’re going to try to line up as many people as possible to come here for that.”

Support from ACOA makes it much easier for council to move forward with the electrical upgrades, he said.

“It reduces the risk that we’re subject to by going to get financing from a different source (and) the way a loan is structured.”


‘Old Perlican ready for new rink’

The new outdoor surface in Old Perlican, spearheaded by the Old Perlican Recreation Arena Committee, is getting plenty of use since opening in mid-January. Overall costs for the project exceeded $150,000, with people from all over the local area pitching in to help the cause through fundraising.