PHOTOS: Wolverines suit up for training exercise in Clarke's Beach

Published on January 29, 2017

As would be the case with a real search and rescue scenario, -12 C temperatures and some snow flurries didn’t stop the Avalon North Wolverines Search and Rescue team from successfully completing a training exercise.

Around 30 people showed up Jan. 15 in Clarke’s Beach for the three-scenario ice-water search and rescue training session.

They included members of the Wolverines, the Bay De Grave Regional Fire Department, Moores Ambulance Service, and Bay Robert’s RCMP detachment.

Joe Cleary, secretary and training officer, says joint training exercises like this are an opportunity for different groups to learn how to co-ordinate with each other and work together.

This is what it’s about — getting people out and getting people involved. Lori Murray

“All these volunteer groups need to get together and combine resources. Money is tight… we’re not getting much money [for equipment] … we need to be working together with these organizations and combining our resources,” said Cleary.

 “This is what it’s about — getting people out and getting people involved,” said Wolverine member Lori Murray as she watched an ambulance pull onto the scene Sunday morning.

“I like the spectrum of it. It’s team work, there are no individuals,” said Murray.

Cleary said that these training exercises also provide opportunity to learn how to “utilize what resources you have available.”

No smooth sailing for the hovercraft

A training exercise requiring the Wolverine’s hovercraft was planned, but revaluated at the last moment due to a mechanical issue.

“Our last scenario was kind of spur of the moment, because our hovercraft broke down,” explained Cleary.


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Cory Porter, cold water team captain, says that the problem, which involved a frozen cable, has since been resolved.