Carbonear, Spaniard’s Bay groups receive federal funding

DozenOdd and Goodwill Senior Citizens Club get $45,500 combined

Published on March 15, 2017

McDonald with members of the Spaniard’s Bay Senior Citizens Club.

©Chris Lewis/TC Media

Ken McDonald, Member of Parliament for Avalon, dropped by the DozenOdd arts and crafts store in Carbonear on Wednesday to announce $232,000 in funding for seniors.

The Goodwill Senior Citizens Club will be receiving $20,500 to help repair the roof, eavestrough, siding, windows, and ceiling tiles of their building in Spaniard’s Bay.

DozenOdd, who will be receiving $25,000 from the program, will now be better equipped to have local seniors act as mentors in weekly workshops. Here, they can teach various arts and craft techniques to others in the community.

Natalie Austin of DozenOdd says the funding will be a major help to the gallery.

“Ever since DozenOdd opened up back in 2014, we’ve shared our space with seniors every Wednesday,” said Austin. “They could come to craft and share their skills. At first, it was just amongst themselves, but now with this grant they have the opportunity to share with a much wider community.”

Austin says the funding will be used to purchase art supplies for the seniors to use at their will. She added that these supplies can get rather expensive at times, especially for senior citizens, who are commonly living on fixed incomes.

Natalie Austin (left) and Ken McDonald as McDonald announces funding program.
Chris Lewis/TC Media

“This program is going to be able to offer those materials to the seniors so that they offer their skills out and about in the community.”

The New Horizons program is a federal funding program for organizations across Canada looking to promote volunteerism among seniors, as well as just generally engaging seniors in communities across the country.

The program’s funding will be used by 13 organizations in various communities in Newfoundland.

McDonald acknowledged the government’s commitment to overlooking the well-being of senior citizens in Canada, stating that the New Horizons program was a great way to address this need.

“Canadian seniors have played a central part in this country, and have earned our respect and admiration,” said McDonald.

McDonald announced six projects under the New Horizons program in the Holyrood and St. Mary’s Bay area on March 14th, and will be announcing one more in Conception Bay South on Saturday, March 18th.