Helicopters put on show for residents of Harbour Grace

Published on July 15, 2017

Harbour Grace’s Pirates to Pilots festival saw several airborne vehicles soaring the skies above the Harbour Grace airstrip. The Aviation, Amelia and Adventure Day honoured the town’s connection to aviation.

©Chris Lewis/The Compass

HARBOUR GRACE, NL — Helicopters and planes put off quite a show in Harbour Grace this past week.

The Harbour Grace airstrip saw some action on Sunday, July 2, during its 90th anniversary. Dozens of residents got together to watch helicopters and planes fly through the sky above them.

The event was held as a part of Harbour Grace’s first ever Pirates to Pilots festival. The five-day event was held  June 29-July 3.

The event was part of Aviation, Amelia, and Adventure Day, a day dedicated to Harbour Grace’s historic connection with aviation, specifically the town’s contribution to the story of Amelia Earhart.

Onlookers were in awe as two helicopters took turns flying at low altitudes, close enough to give children and adults alike an experience they won’t soon forget. Following this, small planes flew through the sky as well, giving residents one last sight to see before heading home.

A CH-149 helicopter from 103 Search and Rescue Squadron out of Gander flies high over Harbour Grace.
Chris Lewis/The Compass

Organizers said the event attracted attention to the Harbour Grace airstrip, a site with historical significance, which unfortunately hasn’t seen much action over the past few years.

The event also gave residents a chance to learn more about Harbour Grace’s involvement in aviation industry.


'New Harbour Grace festival takes flight'

David Clarke, who had come to Harbour Grace specifically for the event that day, told The Compass he was amazed by what the town was able to put together.

“(Harbour Grace) isn’t that big a place, really, but I think it’s awesome what they were able to string together for this festival,” Clarke said. “Where else can you go to learn about pirates one day, and watch helicopters fly around a field the next? I think it’s great.”