Harbour Grace walking trail coated with broken glass

Visitor hoping to see something done

Published on August 3, 2017

Broken glass has always been a slight problem, according to Sara Rich Dorman, but this is the first time she’s seen it get to this extent.

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HARBOUR GRACE, NL —A walking trail in Harbour Grace has been littered with broken glass, and one visitor is not pleased about it.

Sara Rich Dorman is a Newfoundlander living in Scotland, but visits Harbour Grace during the summer season to see her parents.

Berry picking and hiking are some of her favourite activities to partake in during her trips home, but this time, Dorman said she didn’t feel safe walking along one of the town’s trails.

Dorman told The Compass that she and her children were walking along one of Harbour Grace’s trails, located behind the RCMP building, just off of Alberta Drive. The trail in question is not a maintained one.

Usually, the family outing involves a leisurely stroll and a search for blueberries and partridge berries. Due to an excessive amount of broken glass along the trail, however, the annual activity got cut short.

“There’s always some broken glass around there. People go camping or something, leave a few bottles, some probably break, that’s not really a big deal,” said Dorman. “But this time, the glass was scattered all over the trail, right where people walk, and there was so, so much more than usual. It was like someone deliberately broke a bunch of bottles and scattered it across the path.”

Dorman described the scene as a layer of glass, noting that it was sad to see the state of the trail, especially compared to previous years.

“I think it’s safe to say that almost everywhere you go on a hike, you’re going to see some litter here and there,” Dorman added. “When people go camping, sometimes broken glass is a result of that. That’s something I can live with, me and the kids can usually ignore it and move on. But this looks intentional. It’s really a shame, and very dangerous.”

Dorman added that the area is usually a good spot for berry pickers, specifically for those looking for partridge berries, but would advise anyone going into the area to proceed with caution.

The trail in question is often frequented by ATVs, as well as the occasional fellow walker, according to Dorman, who added that she’d like to see a bigger effort put in place by council to avoid such situations for the sake of the people who use the trail year-round.

“I’m only here during the summer, but I think it’s important that these kinds of things get looked after, especially for the people who live here that might go there more often than I can.”