Grand Falls-Windsor native takes up residence in Big Brother Canada house

Andrea Gunn
Published on March 5, 2014

Twenty-five-year-old Kenny Brain grew up in Grand Falls-Windsor and a contestant on the newest season of the popular reality show Big Brother Canada.

Mike Ford photo

The Canadian spinoff of the popular reality show Big Brother will soon kick off for another season, with the first episode airing Wednesday night. One of the guests who will be fighting to avoid eviction and vying for the top prize this season is a Grand Falls-Windsor native.

Twenty-five-year-old Kenny Brain grew up in Grand Falls-Windsor with his two sisters before completing a business degree in St. John’s. He then moved to Montreal to pursue new opportunities, and has begun a modeling career.

Though Kenny is locked down on the set without any contact with the outside world, his sister Laura, who now lives in Calgary, spoke with the Advertiser on what it’s like to have her little brother on Big Brother.

Laura said because of her brother’s outgoing personality, none of his family or friends were the least bit surprised to learn he would be a houseguest on the upcoming season of Big Brother Canada.

“He’s always been comfortable around a crowd and doesn’t mind being the center of attention, so I don’t think any of us . . .  are surprised that Kenneth is on the show,” she said,

In his official bio for show, Kenny said he will miss his dog the most while he’s in the house, and miss Montreal winter the least. He said he thinks his brains outweigh his brawn, and his strategy to win it will be to become everyone’s friend, and remain laid back while the other contestants “pick each other off.”

Laura agreed that her brother’s friendly and easygoing personality is something that will help him get ahead on the show.

“Kenneth gets along well with everybody, he has such a wide range of friends it’s kind of unbelievable, and I think that’s going to work to his advantage. He has a high tolerance for different types of people so I think he’ll do well with that,” she said.

Laura said all three siblings, herself, Kenneth and their eldest sister Maria, are very close, but during his time on the show Kenneth is unable to have any contact with family or friends until the show ends.

“When you’re chosen for the show you’re not allowed to tell anyone and if you do and it gets out then you get kicked off, so none us were even aware,” she said. “I talk to Kenneth every single day so it’s been really difficult not talking to him, not know what’s going on in his life when he’s leading this really crazy life right now, as you can imagine.”

Despite not being a Big Brother fan previously, Laura said she will be tuning in every episode to see her brother. She support he’s been getting from family and friends back home, and fans across Canada, has been surreal.

“It’s unbelievable the support he’s already had in his corner, the fan pages, the twitter accounts - his beard has a twitter account now,” she said laughing. “I have no idea who’s running that…but his beard is sending out tweets, it’s strange.”

Laura said though it’ll be difficult not being in contact with her brother, she feels like the experience will be a positive one for him.

“Kenneth is really into different opportunities and challenges and while this challenge wouldn’t be for me its definitely right up Kenneth’s alley,” she said.

The winner of this season gets to take home a hefty $100,000 prize, which Laura said would allow Kenny to pay of his student loans. Laura said she feels Kenny has just a good a chance as anyone to come out on top.

“I think Kenneth can win it for sure, but if you’ve ever watched a reality show you know anything can happen, and usually the biggest idiot gets down to the very last show. So maybe that will be him, we’ll see,” she said with a laugh.

Big Brother Canada airs three nights a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on Slice.