My Newfoundland released

Willis Whyatt releases first album

Adam Randell
Published on June 30, 2014

Standing on the deck that provided the inspiration for the song My Newfoundland, Willis Whyatt, of St. Carrol’s, has released his first album.

Adam Randell photo

You’re never too old to have a dream come true.

And Willis Whyatt of St. Carrol’s is proof of that.

At 72 years old, the lifetime musician released his first album, My Newfoundland.

“It was the last thing on my mind really,” he said. “But I was in visiting my daughter (Sabrina Whyatt, musician and author) on my birthday when she and Mike (Brokosky, musician) said they had something for me.”

The two excused themselves and came back wrapped up in a parcel.

“I still couldn’t figure out what the frig they was up to,” Whyatt said. “So they said they were going to make a CD for me.

“I told them if they was crazy enough to do it, I was too.”

The 10-track album turns out a blend of traditional, country and rock.

Whyatt plays his signature ugly stick, harmonica and accordion on a couple of the numbers.

But there’s plenty of other talent to go around as well. Brokosky brings a wide range of his talents to the album, family members join in on some of the songs, Sabrina’s pig Willy Nelson has a guest appearance, and even Johnny Reid’s fiddle player lends his talents to the album.

My Newfoundland contains three originals from Whyatt. He wrote Her Mudder Won’t Let Her Marry in 1966 for a local concert. Western Cove Waltz was wrote for a concert as well.

My Newfoundland came about a few years ago when he built a deck behind his house.

“When I got it finished I couldn’t help but look out the bay and see a big iceberg, with whales, seagulls and boats,” he said. “So I sat back and started humming and putting words together until I had a song out of it.”

Fans of Whyatt’s will also find a few standards he’s become known for, such as All For Me Grog, Mussels In The Corner and I’se The B’y.

He even has a gospel song included “I’ll Be Somewhere Listening.”

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard the album,” he said. “I’m really pleased with how it turned out.”

When it comes to sales, Whyatt said he expected to be getting out around promoting his album, but those looking for a copy can do so by going to or calling (709) 454-3065.