UPDATE: Officials confirm one fatality following crash near Harbour Grace

Terry Roberts editor@cbncompass.ca
Published on November 5, 2012
Firefighters and ambulance staff are seen taking away one of the victims of a two-vehicle collision on Veterans Memorial Highway. The man later died of his injuries.
Photo by Terry Roberts/The Compass

It’s now been confirmed that one of the drivers involved in a violent two-vehicle collision on the Veterans Memorial Highway has died from his injuries.

The deceased male was 24 years-of-age, and was a resident of Spaniard’s Bay.

The head-on collision occurred just before 8 a.m. today (Nov. 5) and involved a north-bound Chevrolet Impala and a south-bound Hyundai Tiburon.

Both vehicles were occupied by male drivers.

The force of the impact caused extensive frontal damage to both vehicles, and both drivers sustained what have been described as “very serious injuries.”

The driver of the Impala later died of his injuries, police have confirmed.

Several dozen volunteer firefighters from Harbour Grace, Bay Roberts and Carbonear were on the scene, and were forced to use extrication tools to remove the accident victims.

Harbour Grace Chief Ray Verge said it was a very difficult rescue effort, and noted that firefighters will meet Tuesday evening for what’s called “critical incident stress management.”

“We never thought we’d come up on what we did,” said Verge. “We’ll be a couple of days getting over this one.”

Verge said the families of the two men involved in the accident have even more to deal with.

“This was a real tragedy here this morning,” Verge stated.



Editor's note: the following was published earlier today


Drivers in “very serious condition” following collision on Veterans Highway


A violent head-on collision that occurred this morning (Nov. 5) on the Veterans Memorial Highway near Harbour Grace has left the two male drivers in what responders are describing as “very serious condition.”

The accident involved a Chevrolet Impala and what is believed to be a Hyundia Tiburon, and occurred adjacent to what’s known as Danny’s Lookout.

The collision occurred before 8 a.m. as motorists were on the highway, starting a new work week. Officials closed the road immediately as police, firefighters and medical personnel raced to the scene.

The Harbour Grace Volunteer Fire Brigade led the rescue effort, using its vehicle extrication tools to remove both men from the severely crumpled cars.

Firefighters from Bay Roberts and Carbonear were also on the scene.

Harbour Grace Chief Ray Verge described the extrication effort as “very difficult,” since the impact of the crash forced the front ends of both cars back onto the drivers.

It took more than an hour to remove the driver from the Impala.

“It was not just a matter of removing the top portion of the vehicle. We had to work hard to move him safely,” said Verge.

Both occupants suffered very serious lower body injuries, said Verge, who is also a paramedic.

Verge praised the efforts of highway enforcement officers who were passing by not long after the collision. He said they used extinguishers to help contain a fire in the Tiburon.

RCMP investigators are on the scene, attempting to determine what caused the accident.