Some spectacular spelling at Persalvic in Victoria

Event part of town's annual Winter Carnival

Terry Roberts
Published on February 19, 2013
The winners of the Winter Carnival Spelling Bee at Persalvic Elementary in Victoria today (Feb. 19) were, from left, Leah Butt (Grade 6), Abigail Slade (Grade 4) and Erica Evely (Grade 5). They are pictured here with "Bumble Bee."
Photo by Terry Roberts/The Compass

There was a spectacular display of spelling prowess at Persalvic Elementary in Victoria today (Feb. 19) as the school hosted a spelling bee for students in Grades 4, 5 and 6.

Each class sent six finalists to the main competition, with three savvy females earning top honours in their grade.

Abigail Slade was the winner in Grade 4. Her winning word was "carefully." Other finalists included Jacob Clarke, Nicholas Clarke, Dillon Clarke, D. J. Meillo and Alisha Hennessey.

Abigail is the daughter of Thomas and Tracy Slade of Salmon Cove.

In Grade 5, Erica Evely correctly spelled "grandfather" to give her the top award among a field of finalists that also included Olivia Burden, Noah Burden, Alicia Penney, Ja'da Thomas and Mitchell Button.

Erica is the daughter of Craig and Lynn Evely of Victoria.

The top speller in Grade 6 is Leah Butt, who correctly spelled "chocolate" to put her over the top. The other finalists in her group were Travis Bennett, Maggie Janes, Arianna Taylor, Mackenzie Penney and Rhiannon Kelly.

Leah is the daughter of Robert and Natasha Reid of Victoria.

The event coincides with Victoria Winter Carnival.