Doing drugs on the mall parking lot in Bay Roberts

Police surprised by "brazenness" of blatant daylight drug activity

Terry Roberts
Published on February 20, 2013

These firearms, along with ammunition, were seized from a residence in Bay Roberts on Feb. 15.

RCMP photo

Even with officers standing outside their vehicle, police say the occupants of a gold Pontiac Sunfire parked haphazardly at the Beaver Plaza in Bay Roberts on Feb. 19 continued to indulge in illegal drug activity.

One officer observed an adult female using a needle to inject drugs into her body.

"The people in the car didn't even know the police car was next to them," Cpl. Brent Hillier stated.

It was early afternoon, and the vehicle attracted the attention of passersby because it was double-parked and "halfway in the lane of traffic." It was obvious that questionable activity was taking place inside the car, Hillier explained, and the police were notified.

"It was blatantly in the open," he added.

There were three adult females and a male youth inside the Sunfire. They were all taken into custody without incident, along with 80 Oxycodone pills, a small amount of marijuana, and an assortment of drug paraphernalia. The vehicle was also impounded.

Police say a 16-year-old male youth from Shearstown faces two charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled substance, theft and breach of probation.

He was released from custody, and is scheduled to make a court appearance on April 2.

Cpl. Hillier said he was surprised by the "brazenness" of the incident, but not by the drug use.

"People think all this goes on behind closed doors, or people that want to do this are hiding away. This incident shows how brazen people can be in their drug use."

Meanwhile, a 30-year-old resident of Bay Roberts, Steven Street, is scheduled to appear in court on March 20 on charges that include the following: possession for the purpose of weapons trafficking, unauthorized possession of firearms, and unsafe storage of firearms.

Police executed a firearms search warrant at a residence on Central Street on Friday, Feb. 15 and seized 18 long-barrel rifles and shotguns, along with a quantity of ammunition.

None of the weapons were restricted, but Street did not have the proper documentation that allowed him to possess, sell and trade firearms, police say.

One of the firearms was also stolen.

"It was just simply if he had the right licence, which is a two-day course, he could have legally owned them," Cpl. Hillier explained.