Adam Stagg’s trial set over to mid July

Published on April 18, 2017

Adam Stagg is accused of taking part in an armed robbery targeting a man who thought he was out on a regular date.

©Compass file photo

HARBOUR GRACE—Adam Stagg, one of the accused in an alleged plot to lure a robbery victim, expressed frustrations as he left the Harbour Grace courtroom Tuesday afternoon.

Stagg’s lawyer told the court that he had only just received disclosure for the case, and would need time to review it with his client. It was uncertain as to whether or not this was full disclosure.

The three-day trial was scheduled to begin this week but is now set over to July 11th, 13th, and 14th.

Stagg, who shook his head in frustration several times as dates were being set, claimed he wanted to have everything finished that day. Stagg mentioned that he was ready to plead guilty as he was being escorted from the courtroom, when court proceedings were finished.

Stagg is charged with robbery, extortion, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for dangerous purposes, conspiracy to commit an offence, and failure to comply with his probation order. Charges were laid on August 30, 2016, nearly 11 months prior to Stagg’s current trial dates.

It is alleged that Stagg is one of four who were involved in a date-jacking case in August. Stagg allegedly robbed a man who believed he was on a date with a woman he met in an online chat.

Jenine Porter, who was involved in the case with Stagg, recently plead guilty last Wednesday, April 12th to the conspiracy charge, with the crown agreeing to conditionally withdraw the other charges. Troy Dobbin, one of three men involved in the case, has trial dates set for December of this year. A youth arrested in the same case was released on recognizance last fall.