Harbour Grace stadium site decided

Water and sewer plans for area on hold until after election

Melissa Jenkins melissa.jenkins@tc.tc
Published on August 27, 2013
Town of Harbour Grace crest
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The new stadium in Harbour Grace has a location.

Even though there has not been an official announcement by the provincial government, the new site location was mentioned by a councillor during a public meeting at Harbour Grace Town Hall Aug. 25.

The new stadium facility will be on Jamie’s Way.

Town officials are hesitant to announce where exactly it will be on Jamie’s Way at this point in time because Kevin O’Brien, the minister of municipal affairs will be formally announcing it in the coming weeks. It is expected at that time, there will also be a sod turning at the site.

The town council suggested Jamie’s Way when it began discussions with both the provincial government and neighbouring towns last November, and it appears the committee that was put in place in April to help determine the location has agreed.

It was mentioned in the meeting that it will not be just an arena, but rather a recreation complex, including an indoor walking track, multi-purpose room and two ice surfaces, if funds permit.

Some suggest having such a facility in the area could create interest for new businesses and development to open their doors close by.


Development in the area

Coun. Wendell Hunt did not appear concerned about the location, rather he had an issue with water and sewer.

“I believe we need to look into water and sewer in the (Jamie’s Way) area for expansion,” he stated.

His concerns were raised under the idea that the new stadium will have a septic system installed, which he said would be quite a bit of work to maintain.

He passionately raised concerns about business opportunities in the area, located just off the Veteran’s Memorial Highway, and how not installing water and sewer lines would lead to problems with growth and expansion for the town.

“If we don’t put in the water and sewer, then it will cost businesses to install it themselves,” he explains, adding the added cost will deter potential growth to the area.

Hunt, an eight-year council veteran, believes Harbour Grace may “fall behind in business development” in the coming years, noting Bay Roberts, Carbonear and Spaniard’s Bay have all discussed the idea of business parks, with two already in the works.

“It was mentioned to me about mercantile development in the area of the new rec plex,” he said. “And we are just letting it go.”

To install water and sewer to the potential development site near the Veterans will cost some $3.1-million, a price Hunt believes is worth the investment.

Mayor Don Coombs agreed that it is something that should be looked into, but should not be taken out of the stadium funding or they may have to downgrade the facility.

“We’ll have to wait until December,” Coombs said in a phone interview with The Compass. “When we can apply for capital works projects, we will look at development for 2014 and add it to our list.

Coombs also noted it should be followed up on by the new council, whether he is in the mayor’s chair or not.


Other municipal news

Harbour Grace continues to see residential growth, with approval of six new dwellings in the town just yesterday (Aug. 25), with one being the first lot from the new Alec Moores Court.

There were also two building permit applications denied due to zoning issues on Musquito Point Road in Bristol’s Hope.

“The town of Harbour Grace will allow for an appeal of these two cases, but the area has been zoned rural,” Coombs said. “There will have to be a public meeting, of course, but that is in their right. And if they decide to go ahead and have the area rezoned, that is up to them.”

A stop work order was to be issued to another lot.

Council explained that a dwelling was being built and appropriate permits were not applied for. Also, the building is being constructed in the same rurally zoned area.



Meanwhile, all but one member of the current council have confirmed they will have their name on a ballot September 24.

Councillors David Murphy, Albert (Bud) Chafe, Joan Short and Hunt will all be seeking re-election, while deputy mayor Terry Barnes has challenged Coombs for mayor. Coun. Walter Walsh has publically stated he will not be running again due to health issues.

So far more than eight names have been discussed as potential candidates in the area outside of current councillors.

The town will hold its nominations on Sept. 3 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


S.W. Moores opening

The Trinity Conception Fall Fair will be taking place at the S.W. Moores Memorial Stadium from Sept. 26-29. That will be the final event before the beginning of hockey season at the rink.

There will be a hockey camp taking place on Oct. 9, and following the camp the stadium will be open for minor hockey.