Meet the new Bay Roberts Fire Chief

Adam Norman named to the top post

Nicholas Mercer
Published on January 29, 2014
Adam Norman is the new fire cheif with the Bay Roberts Volunteer Fire Department. Norman is the eight chief in the department's history, as well as its youngest.
Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

It has only been a couple of days but new Bay Roberts Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Adam Norman is immersing himself in his new position.


He won’t formally assume the mantle until Feb. 3, but Norman is working hard acquainting himself with the intricacies that come with chief. Until then, assistant chief Doug Mercer is serving as interim fire chief.

Regardless, Norman has jumped headlong into the position.

Surrounded by files, roster lists and other  forms of paperwork in the upstairs office at the Fire Hall, Norman is familiarizing himself with the processes.

The 30-year-old Bay Roberts resident defeated incumbent chief Clarence Russell at the department’s bi-annual election of officers on Jan. 27. Russell had been chief for 12 years prior.

 “I’ve received nothing but good feedback,” said Norman of being selected.

Norman had made up his mind to run for the top position a month prior to the election.

“There were a lot of things to consider,” he said.

The chief consideration being the substantial time commitment that comes with being fire chief.

Norman has a young family and runs his own business, R-Factor Insulators, so to say he has a lot on his plate may be an understatement.

“My family is all behind me 100 per cent,” he said. “It’s a great morale boost.”

Norman has been a fire fighter since 2006, and has served as a lieutenant and fire captain during his tenure.

He becomes the eight chief in the department’s history, as well as it’s youngest.


Norman walks into the position behind a man who spent the last decade-plus at the helm of the department.

However, he is not daunted by the task in front of him for the next two years.

In fact, he relishes the opportunity.

“I enjoy having a leadership role,” said Norman.

Being the proprietor of his own business, as well as serving as a lieutenant and fire captain, helped prepare him for the role.

“Having that experience helps,” said Norman. “It’s a big role to fill.”


In his new role as chief, Norman will have plenty of support from the other members of the department, especially the officers.

“I have a great group of fellas as my officers,” he said. “There is a lot of experience behind you.”

Each one will be there to lend their experience to any situation the new chief may find himself in.

Support will not only come from the department. The town council consistently throws a great deal of support behind the department.

During the town’s regular council meeting on Jan. 28, Mayor Philip Wood reiterated the sentiment. Wood also took the opportunity to thank Russell for his years of service to the community.

“It’s great having the town stand behind you,” said Norman.

The new chief said there was no piece of equipment he had his eye on, or one pressing matter that he would address in the coming weeks.

“I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel,” said Norman. “I’m excited to get going.”