CBN is being hit by the jingle bug, again

Melissa Jenkins
Published on December 1, 2014
Signs have been appearing on doors and windows in Harbour Grace to tell neighbours the home has been "jingled."
Photo by Melissa Jenkins

And it has started.

Reports are coming in from Carbonear and Harbour Grace of bags of toys, animal treats and household items being left on doorsteps, spreading Christmas cheer throughout both towns.

The idea of “getting jingled” began in this region last year when someone in Harbour Grace put out Santa sacks with a list of rules.

The rules included to take what you wanted from the bag, and replace them with other items.

The recipient would then be required to put a note on their door to tell the rest of the neighbourhood they had already received the sack.

It is anonymous, so no one knows who placed the bag on a doorstep or when.

Finally, they would have 24 hours to pass along the Christmas cheer to another family, who has not yet been jingled.

The Compass completed some research, and learned the process of being jingled was posted online, and was a continent-wide activity.

Jingle bags typically begin getting placed on a doorstep on Dec. 1. This allows for 24 days of jingling, ending on Christmas day.

Have you been jingled? What trinkets and treasures have you received? Email with details.