Christmas memories from five to 69

Melissa Jenkins
Published on December 23, 2014

It's Christmas 2014 and The Compass has decided to reach out to locals from our coverage area to learn about their Christmas memories.

We have searched high and low, and found some of our neighbours from a wide range of communities, from Old Perlican to New Harbour. Each have different memories to share from the holiday season.

So, here they are, our Christmas loving friends.



° Rory Cullen Gregory MacNeil

° Five-and-a-half years old.

° A kindergartener from Carbonear.

° Favourite Christmas memory - My favourite Christmas memory is going to Cape Breton on the ferry when I was two-and-a-half. It was my first day going to Nova Scotia, and my first time on the boat.

° Favourite Christmas present - My boxing bag with gloves.

° Your Christmas wish - I wished I could have a cat, and I got one today (Dec. 10). It was a Christmas present from my mommy (Tanya). His name is Cloudy with a Chance of Furballs MacNeil. Mommy said we adopted him from the Baccalieu Trail SPCA.

° Christmas traditions - Going out with Aunt Terri to buy mommy a gift. Me and mommy build a gingerbread house. On Christmas Eve, I leave cookies and warm milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Then I put Santa's key on the front door and mommy takes a picture because she can see how big I grow every year. I unwrap one present, Christmas pajamas and a Christmas movie. We cook popcorn and we watch the movie.

° Meaning of Christmas to you - Celebrating Jesus' birthday and Santa coming to my house to give me presents.



° Dana Fagner

° 44-years old.

° From Old Perlican.

° Favourite Christmas memory - It was my first Christmas with my now husband. Being a single parent, I never had much of a Christmas when the kids were small. That Christmas my youngest son, then 17, was with us as we opened presents on Christmas morning. When my hubby looked over, my son was crying. He asked why and he said how good it was to see his mom open a present on Christmas, and that I never got stuff on Christmas, but they always did.

° Favourite Christmas present - A couple years ago we got enough time in our busy work schedules to make it to Central Newfoundland to spend Christmas with my parents. I think the best part of that Christmas was watching their reactions as they opened the stockings I'd stuffed for them and the presents.

° Your Christmas wish - I wish for more understanding, more patience, and continued health and strength to deal with what the world throws at me in the New Year.

° What do you miss most about Christmas as a child - I miss the excitement of Christmas morning. I think as you get older and the kids are grown, Christmas doesn't hold the same feel as when you were a child, the anticipation of the day and the last sleep before Santa.

° Christmas traditions - Christmas baking, the tree of course, making sure to call mom and dad, sisters away, my kids, and to see what everyone got after gifts are opened on Christmas morning. Then the after-dinner visits to family houses in the area to do the same. Christmas eve visitors; I always have a scoff on go, with cookies, cakes, drinks, and hors d'oeuvres.

° Meaning of Christmas to you - Giving, not only gifts, but love. The reason for the season - Jesus was the beginning of this, as God gave us his son in love. Christmas is time for families and friends spending time together and reminiscing.

° What's your favourite ornament or decoration for Christmas - It is my angel for the tree top.



° Vanessa Higdon

° 17 years old.

° From New Harbour.

° Favourite Christmas memory - When I was young, my dad worked away, and was gone for Christmas. So, my mom, brother, and I spent Christmas with my Nan and Pop at their house. So we wrote Santa, telling him that we wouldn't be home, and spent Christmas together as a family. This was a Christmas I'll never forget.

° Your Christmas wish - My Christmas wish this year is for everyone to spend their holidays with the ones they love and make every moment count.

° What do you miss most about Christmas as a child - The thing I miss most about Christmas as a child is the big surprise Christmas morning when you run out to the tree and have no idea what to expect. Now that I'm older, there are no surprises anymore.

° Funniest Christmas story - The year I got my first phone, I opened the box to find my mom's old recycled phone inside. As I teared up to the thought of what my friends might think, I heard an unfamiliar ringtone. I looked around and found my phone behind a picture frame. When I turned around I saw my dad stood in the doorway of the living room calling my phone. My reaction was priceless.

° Meaning of Christmas to you - The meaning of Christmas to me is spending time with loved ones and making every moment special by creating memories to last a lifetime.

° Favourite ornament or decoration for Christmas - My Favourite decoration is the big cross my great-grandfather would put up on the hill in Whiteway every year. Since he passed, my pop carried on the tradition.


° Matthew Worthman

° 28 years old.

° From Heart's Delight-Islington.

° Favourite Christmas memory - My favourite Christmas memory is visiting my grandparents on Christmas Eve to watch them open their gifts. Every year I remember waiting for midnight Christmas Eve night to come, which was when we went to Nan and Pop's, along with the rest of my family. My brother would help my pop open his gifts, and I remember my grandparents being just as excited to open their gifts as any child would be.

° Favourite Christmas present - It would have to be my Pooch-Patrol dog, named "Scooter." I was only 6 years old when I got Scooter, and still have him today. Several of my students have met Scooter, and find it funny that I still have him.

° Your Christmas wish - My first wish is for a year of health and happiness for all those close to me. My second wish would be for a permanent teaching job sometime in the new year.

° Funniest Christmas memory - My dad came home from out visiting on Christmas Eve, and was feeling under the weather from too much 'Christmas cheer.' He got home and went straight to bed. A couple hours later, Santa came by the house for a visit, and upon hearing about dad's condition, went into his bedroom to check on him. As a child, I remember how funny it was to see Santa checking on my dad, and pulling off his socks while he lay sleeping in bed.

° Christmas traditions - Visiting my grandparents on Christmas Eve night. Since both my grandparents have passed away, we no longer do that and I miss it dearly. Other Christmas traditions involve decorating the tree with my dad, which I did just this week, and visiting my mom's family for supper on Christmas day.

° Favourite Christmas decoration - Without a doubt, my favourite Christmas decoration is our Christmas countdown clock. My aunt and uncle gave it to my family many years ago, and it just would not feel like Christmas without having the clock on our fireplace, counting down the days.


° Melba Parsons

° 69 years old

° Lives in Bay Roberts but from Port de Grave

° Favourite Christmas memory - The good things that come in my mind is Christmas concerts and things like that. My dad was in a band, the Orangemen's band in Port de Grave, and they used to have a parade. After they'd have what they called 'a time' at the lodge. And mom cooking Christmas dinner, and everybody being around when I was growing up. We didn't have gifts like they do now. I'm saying over and over all the time, I'd like to go back 40 years when we didn't have much but we had everything.

° Favourite Christmas present - My first doll. She was ordinary, nothing special, but the doll was mine. It was a rag doll with a porcelain head. There were seven of us in the family and no big money for anybody. I think I was seven when I got the doll.

° Your Christmas wish - I have six kids and 11 grandkids. I'd like to see them all for Christmas. It's not material things you want getting older.

° What do you miss most about Christmas as a child -It was more simple times, and people visited. You didn't have to worry about calling someone to say they were coming for a visit, everyone just moved around and visited.

° Christmas traditions - Family visits, and having the grand kids around. Christmas day, we go into Barry's in St. John's, he usually cooks us all Christmas dinner. Boxing day, we're all gathered somewhere. That's the best ones for me.

° Meaning of Christmas to you - Exactly what it's supposed to be about, the birth of Jesus. Not about what some people celebrate. For them, it's just one big party.

° Real or artificial tree - Artificial, but I would rather a real tree, always. The smell of it and everything, it's just different.

° Favourite ornament or decoration for Christmas - I have a candleholder from my granddaughter, she lives in Edmonton. And the ones Barry got me, a Santa Claus and nut cracker.