Failed Placentia mayoral candidate facing drunk driving charges

Bernard Power due back in provincial court May 8

Melissa Jenkins
Published on March 27, 2014
Bernard Power lost his bid for mayor of Placentia by only four votes, but now faces impaired driving charges.

A man who came within a hair’s-breath of being named the mayor of Placentia in September was in provincial court March 26 on charges of impaired driving and refusal to comply with a demand for a breath sample.

Bernard (Bernie) Power was arrested Dec. 7 after being pulled over by an RCMP officer on patrol in Placentia. Details on why he caught the attention of officers were not released.

A plea was not entered at the proceedings, and the case was set over until May 8 at the Placentia provincial court.

This is the third time the case has been set over. Power has had two previous appearances — one in early January and another in late January.

Following his arrest, Power received an administrative suspension, a mandatory sanction imposed under provincial legislation.

The legislation states as follows: “Police officers will be authorized to suspend the driver’s license of anyone driving with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) over .08 or refusing a demand for a breath sample. The suspension will last 90 days effective 14 days after the mandatory seven-day suspension expires.”

Power has not been convicted under the Criminal Code of Canada, nor have the charges been proven in court.

Power made provincial headlines in September after he challenged for the top elected post in Placentia.

On the first count, Power was just two votes behind his opponent, Mayor Wayne Power Jr. (no relation).

A judicial recount then took place, with the margin of victory for Wayne Power increasing to four votes, with the official tally at 970 votes for Wayne Power and 966 for Bernard Power.

Bernard Power had served a four-year term on the Placentia town council, after being acclaimed in 2009. He was also a town councillor in Jerseyside two decades ago.

Attempts by The Compass to contact Power were unsuccessful.