Bay Roberts makes second amendment to vehicle policy

Assistant Fire Chief Doug Mercer recognized for bravery

Nicholas Mercer
Published on March 28, 2014

Bay Roberts Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Doug Mercer (left) is shown here receiving recognition for the bravery he showed during a fire on Coley’s Point in November 2012. Pictured with Mercer is RCMP Insp. Jamie Zettler.

Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

Just over a month after amending its vehicle usage policy, the Town of Bay Roberts is at it again.

This time the town had to deal with aspects around on-call workers and their access to vehicles after hours.

At its March 25 regular council meeting, councillors were met with a recommendation that would amend that part of the policy.

The recommendation was made after Coun. George Simmons brought up the issue of on-call workers at the March 18 meeting.

It was said these workers should be given permission to bring town vehicles home because they might be required to attend to a matter during any time.

“We had some discussion about changing one of the sections of that policy to allow employees that were required after hours to either look after town infrastructure or be on call for events,” said chief administrative officer Nigel Black.

As a result, the finance committee proposed a slight alteration to section six(b) of the policy.

It has been changed to the following:

Employees designated as on call or required to work after regular hours to maintain and monitor any town infrastructure or work at any events, as approved by the department head and/or CAO.

This was done to include workers in departments such as recreation, development and tourism. Previously this section dealt with only employees in the public works department.

“It gives the department head the option to give someone a truck,” said Mayor Philip Wood.

Bay Roberts had previously altered the policy to reflect the vehicle acquired for the director of public works.



In a ceremony prior to the start of the council meeting, there were a number of presentations.

First, municipal enforcement officer Perry Bowering was officially sworn in by RCMP Insp. Jamie Zettler.

With the signing of the new memorandum of understanding earlier this year, it was necessary to have Bowering swear in.

Zettler was not done there. He was also on hand to present a member and former member of the Bay Roberts Volunteer Fire Department with certificates recognizing their bravery during a November 2012 fire on Coley’s Point.

Assistant Fire Chief Doug Mercer and former fire chief Clarence Russell were recognized for their efforts to save the lives of Forward and Minnie Mullett prior to the arrival of the fire department.

Mercer and Russell entered the burning building on Neck Road without safety equipment. Despite their efforts, both residents of the home perished.

Mercer was on hand to receive his award, however, Russell was unable to attend for medical reasons.

Members of the fire department, including Fire Chief Adam Norman, were on hand to see their comrade receive the recognition.


Calming measures

Speeding in Bay Roberts is a high profile issue for many areas of town. Late last year, the town installed a three-way stop at the corner of Sawdust Road and Country Road, as well as other traffic calming measures in the area in an attempt to cut down on speeding.

Councillors received correspondence from residents on Payne’s Road in Shearstown requesting some measures be taken in the area.

“This area is a small, narrow road and they get a lot of speeding there,” said Coun. Bill Seymour. “They have a lot of walkers on that street and the traffic is heavy.”

There is also a lot of all-terrain vehicle traffic there as well, according to Seymour.

“It is kind of a blind turn and like any area of town, you get a lot of speeders,” said Coun. Dean Franey.

The issue was moved to public works, as well as the MEO.


Housing statistics

Bay Roberts has approved five new residential applications in 2014.