Old Perlican fisherman hit with fine

Published on March 4, 2014
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A fish harvester from of Old Perlican has been hit with a steep fine after he was convicted recently for two fishery violations.

According to information released March 4 by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Jason Howell was convicted Jan. 13 for the following:

• violation of a commercial fishing licence condition by exceeding the maximum amount of Atlantic cod permitted to be harvested in the Stewardship Cod Fishery;

• violation of a commercial fishing licence condition by failing to fully and accurately complete the DFO logbook on a daily basis.

Howell was fined $500 on the first offence and given 12 months to pay.

On the second charge, he was fined $2,500, with one year to pay.

In addition, just under $640 — the proceeds of the seized Atlantic cod — and some 54 pounds of small Atlantic cod (rounders) was seized by the Crown.

Meanwhile, two others from the Trinity-Placentia region were convicted on unrelated matters.

Ivan Smith of Dildo was fined $240 for exceeding the daily bag limit of Atlantic cod during the 2013 recreational groundfish fishery. He was convicted on Jan. 24.

And Scott Marshall of Dunville was convicted under the Newfoundland and Labrador Wildlife Regulations for possessing untagged Atlantic salmon. He was fined $200 and given one year to pay.

Both Smith and Marshall were prohibited from participating in recreational fisheries for one year.