UPDATE: Drug investigation that prompted raid in Carbonear ongoing

Published on April 18, 2014

A police raid that took place on Water Street in Carbonear on April 17 that involved the RCMP Emergency Response Team (ERT) was part of an ongoing investigation.

“As part of an ongoing investigation in Carbonear (and area), our investigators executed a search warrant for the residence,” Sgt. Greg Hicks told The Compass today (April 22).

“Anytime we do execute a warrant, we have to do a risk assessment,” he continued.

The assessment for this scenario was deemed as,”too high risk” for the detachment, so the ERT was involved.

During the raid, residents of the area heard a loud bang. Some speculated it was an explosion.

On Friday, April 18, Cpl. Brent Hillier denied the use of explosives at the residence.

Hicks would not verify the source of the noise, but confirmed the ERT has tactics at its disposal that could create such a noise.

Nothing was seized from the residence and no charges have been laid. Two people were detained “for a short time” during the search.

Hicks said there was no concern for public safety.

When asked when the investigation began, Hicks said it would be difficult to pin point because there are times investigations cross paths, which would make it difficult to determine a time line.


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The Compass has received some updated information on the attempted drug bust that took place in Carbonear last night (April 17).

An RCMP officer from the Trinity Conception detachment said, although a warrant was issued for a raid on a home in the Crocker’s Cove area, no one was arrested. Two people were initially taken into custody, but were released without charges.

The investigation was led by the RCMP, but the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary supplied a K9 unit specializing in drug searches.

A loud bang reported by witnesses took place last night around 11 p.m. It has still not been identified.

Some residents in the area believed the sound was an explosion on the side door of the home used to gain access.

The officer denied that explosive material was used, and said he did not see any damage to the door.

After the bang, dressed officers and members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT, whom The Compass previously referred to as SWAT) entered the home on Water Street.

The RCMP website describes the ERT as, “a group of highly-trained RCMP members capable of employing specialized weapons, equipment, and tactics to resolve extremely high-risk situations.”

The officer told The Compass the ERT is not called in for every warrant, only if there is a possibility of firearms, or any other dangerous threat. Members come from different RCMP detachments across the region. Only one was local.

One member of the ERT told The Compass last night it was a drug bust, but it is still unknown what, if anything, was found in the home.

The officer confirmed a warrant is not typically issued for a complaint. Rather, once a complaint is made, research is done or proof must be supplied before a warrant can be authorized.

Rumours that the wrong house had been searched were denied by the officer. He confirmed the description of the house was included in the warrant.