Ascension headed to provincial drama festival

Carbonear takes top play

Nicholas Mercer
Published on April 2, 2014

The Ascension Collegiate drama group captured 13 awards at the provincial drama festivalMay 22-25 at the LSPU Hall in St. John’s. Members of the group are: front (l-r) — Kristen Peach, Jessie Fewer, Brandon West, Martina Taylor and teacher Debbie Janes; back — Liam Dawson, Erin Mackey, Emily Mercer, Sarah Power, Jessie Downey, Gavin Mercer, Hannah Smith, director Marc Warren, Colin Brown, Josh Bartlett and Mackenzie Collins.

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Members of the Ascension Collegiate drama group are off to provincials.

This is after the Bay Roberts-based group used the original play "Cardbored" to take the adjudicators award at the Western Avalon High School Drama Festival at the Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre in Carbonear earlier this month.

“It’s a big accomplishment,” said teacher Marc Warren. “It’s a good thing.”

The provincial competition is set for May 22-25 at the LSPU Hall in St. John’s.

For Ascension, the victory means the first trip to the provincial competition in a decade.

“It’s been awhile,” said Warren.

Coincidentally, Warren was with the school the last time Ascension made the trip to the high-level competition.

He chalked the victory up to the strong theatre group currently at the school.

“We’re not starting from scratch,” said Warren.

Using a play written by Warren and Brandon West called "Cardbored," the group impressed the judges with the imagination behind the group of scenes.

It was born from the idea of a child getting an expensive video game system and instead of playing with the system, the child will play with the cardboard box.

The creativity that comes along with that is what the play tried to convey in the play. Student Martina Taylor wrote an original song for the festival entitled “Escape.”

“It needs to strike a chord like any piece of art,” said Warren.

For Ascension, it did just that.


A slew of awards

Along with the adjudicator's award, Ascension also brought home a basketful of other awards, including best use of light, best use of sound and best actor.

The best actor award went to Liam Dawson.

“He gets right into his part,” said Warren.

For the students, Warren is excited for them to get the experience of performing at the prestigious LSPU Hall.

Located just above Duckworth Street in the capital city, it is a theatre landmark in the city. It is an intimate venue with the audience on top of the performers.

“With the history behind it, it’s excellent,” said Warren.

The following is a comprehensive breakdown of the festival results:


Junior awards:

• Best used of sound – Hardy Candy, Holy Redeemer;

• Best set design – The absolutely insidious and utterly terrifying truth about Cat Hair, Carbonear Collegiate Junior;

• Best costume – 10 ways to survive the zombie apocalypse, Carbonear Academy;

• Best backstage crew – Cinderella and the substitute fairy godmother, Baccalieu Collegiate Junior;

• Best ensemble – Show and spell, Laval High School Junior;

• Best actor in a supporting role – Mitchell Peach, St. Francis School;

• Best actress in a supporting role – Morgan Sheppard, Holy Redeemer;

• Best actor – Robert Hicks, Carbonear Academy;

• Best actress – Maddie Baldwin, Carbonear Collegiate Junior

• Adjudicator's award – Everything but, Amalgamated Academy;

• Best play – Once upon a playground, St. Francis School;


Senior high awards:

• Best use of light – Cardbored, Ascension Collegiate;

• Best use of sound – Cardbored, Ascension Collegiate;

• Best set design – Roomers, Carbonear Collegiate Senior;

• Best costume – Roomers, Carbonear Collegiate Senior;

• Best backstage crew – Finding love in the 21st century, Baccalieu Collegiate Senior;

• Best ensemble – Roomers, Carbonear Collegiate Senior;

• Best actor in a supporting role – Adam Slade, Carbonear Collegiate Senior;

• Best actress in a supporting role – Tori Oliver, Baccalieu Collegiate Senior;

• Best actor – Liam Dawson, Ascension Collegiate;

• Best actress – Heidi Smith, Crescent Collegiate;

• Best original script – Lines, Crescent Collegiate;

• Adjudicator's award – Cardbored, Ascension Collegiate;

• Best play – Roomers, Carbonear Collegiate;

• Play to represent west at provincials – Cardbored, Ascension Collegiate.

• Best post-modern interpretation of Shakespeare – Isaac Bonisteel, Crescent Collegiate;

• Innovation in writing – Brandon West, Ascension Collegiate; Crescent Collegiate Drama Troupe;

• A clear articulation of zombie-ness – Colin Rossiter, Carbonear Academy.