Whiteway Spring Hare a huge success

Published on May 13, 2014

The Whiteway Spring Hare is based on the concept of the March Hare in Central Newfoundland, which was started over 25 years ago to bring people out of the Doldrums after a long winter.

The one in Whiteway is held in May because the weather is more co-operative. This year it fell on the weekend of May 2-4.

The event was started in 2008, and the dinner theatre portion started three years ago. This year it was the biggest event yet.

The organizers received a small grant from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, which helped a great deal.

The Whiteway Spring Hare Event was a smashing success again this year, with a sold out Dinner Theatre on Friday evening and entertainment provided by The Crooked Stovepipe, Tina Randell and Karren Churchill.

The hall was professionally decorated with large panels painted by Clifford George and Lisa Day Brown, depicting the theme of the dinner theatre.

The theme was "Down the Rabbit Hole" from Alice in Wonderland.

The Whiteway Memorial Centre was packed on Sunday afternoon waiting to hear some of Newfoundland's best poet, authors, musicians and storytellers.

The list of speakers included Tom Dawe, Tom Moore, Ken Pittman, Gerald

Squires, Lloyd Brown, Andrew Peacock, Peter Laracy, Boyd Chubbs, Dennis Flynn, Jesse Bown, Pat Collins, Ian Burgess, Francie Barrett and Stephen Rowe.

There was also a display of original art work on Sunday, from well known artists to high school students. Some of them included Florence Maud Pinhorn, Clifford George, Victoria Munavish, Paula Flood, Destiny Reid and many more. There was also a display of photography by Albert Legge, Andy Williams and Bill Williams, to name a few.

There were over 35 artists displaying their work with us this year.

Members of the committee are Jane Prior, Clifford George, Shirley George, Lisa Day Brown, Albert Legge and Wayne George.

— Submitted by Shirley George, Whiteway