LETTER: Victoria resident dumps on town council

Published on May 15, 2014
Letter to the editor

With all of the illegal dumping going on these days, one would think offering a convenient alternative for people to dispose of metals and appliances would be welcomed by any town.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in Victoria with our council.

I own and operate Clarke’s Salvage on Swansea Road in Victoria.

After witnessing so much stuff thrown in our woods and side roads, (I) decided to get a steel container placed in my front yard along the Main Road back in October 2013, as a service and convenience to citizens.

This steel container is being availed of on a regular bases. It is convenient and very clean. Nothing is thrown outside of it, and as soon as it gets filled, we get its contents disposed of in a proper manner.

This is not sitting well with our elected town officials though. You would think they would encourage something beneficial to the town.

The council sent me a letter back in February 2014 telling me I am not allowed to have this container where it is located.

Due to the fact my Salvage business, which is provincially licensed, is on Swansea Road, the container has to be there too.

The scrapyard has been located there for 30-plus years and I have owned it for 14 of them. But it was not being taken advantage of by many. It was easier to throw it by the side of the roadway or in the woods, rather than travel up to my scrapyard.

The road is deplorable, so I can understand why.

We did not get the container removed.

On Thursday, May 8, the council sent workers to advise me that if I did not comply with their demands by Friday May 16, 2014, they will take action against me.

With todays numerous problems of illegal dumping going on everywhere, I have to wonder why the town council of Victoria is so opposed to a convenient, clean and successful solution to illegal dumping in our fair town.

For any of the councilors to say the container is an eyesore, (they should) drive around and look about the town. There are a lot of things that are much worse to see than that.

Council has also said it is getting a lot of complaints.

Since all of this has come about, I have, and do, on every opportunity told citizens about the council’s demands. They are astonished and bewildered as to why.

The residents all consider it an asset to cut down on dumping and a convenience to all.

It would take up your whole paper to add all the comments (I have heard) against our council by the numerous residents I have told.


But I can tell you that they have been all positive for me and negative for the council.

I will close with this statement: Don’t bother to try and offer anything successful, anything that works, to improve Victoria. It will not be welcomed by the council.

- Kate Clarke is the owner of Clarke’s Salvage in Victoria, Conception Bay North