Harbour Grace takes out the trash

Garbage pile that found a home on Southside ridge removed by town workers

Melissa Jenkins melissa.jenkins@tc.tc
Published on May 21, 2014

On Sunday, May 18 during the Victoria Day long weekend, a Bryant’s Cove man turned to social media to voice his frustration about a pile of garbage he found near his hometown.

The male resident posted a photo of a heap of black garbage bags, two couches, an arm chair, parts of an animal carcass that appears to be caribou and many more pieces of trash at the top of the ridge where his hometown and Southside Harbour Grace meet. The pile is next to the main road, visible by passersby.

As of Wednesday morning (May 21) the photo had been shared over 100 times, and garnered dozens of comments, all of them showing the same frustration as the man who took the photo.

One commenter described the garbage as “ridiculous.”

Another wrote, “they wouldn’t want this in their backyards, so why put it in ours?”

Other drop site available

The deputy mayor of Harbour Grace, Sonia Williams, was one of those who shared the photo. She was disappointed that someone could dispose of their trash in such a way, especially since the Eastern Waste Management waste recovery facility is about 10 kilometres away on Incinerator Road, along the North entrance to the town.

“There’s no need,” Williams told The Compass in a phone interview. “We have a facility opened up for everyone in Conception Bay North to use. If somebody is going to bring it such a distance, why wouldn’t they go there?”

The site the garbage was disposed is located on Bryant Cove Road on a steep hill. There are no houses nearby. In order for someone to drop off trash at the location, they would have likely needed a vehicle.

The town’s mayor, Terry Barnes, was also upset at the situation.

“Nobody should be dumping garbage today when there’s a facility that takes everything but glass and cardboard not far away,” Barnes asserted.

For Williams, the pile wasn’t surprising, although she believed it shouldn’t have happened.

“Every year it’s the same thing,” she explained. “It’s an issue right across the province. And it’s not necessarily small garbage.”

Ordered cleanup

Barnes was notified of the situation Tuesday afternoon (May 20) and called public works supervisor Pat Hearn to join him to check out the site.

It is unknown what side of the town boundary the garbage was found, but Barnes said that wasn’t important.

“We never took any chances,” he said. “We had to get it cleaned up because it was right on the side of the road.”

Hearn organized a team of town employees and had the garbage cleaned up the same afternoon.

“It didn’t matter where the garbage was, in Harbour Grace or not,” Barnes said. “I just explained that we had to get it done.”

It is unknown if the bags of trash have been looked through, or if those responsible have been identified.

The waste recovery facility has been open since late last year. The facility is open Tuesday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and municipal leaders from surrounding towns have encouraged all residents of Conception Bay North to use the facility.