No injuries in crane incident on Harbour Grace wharf

Melissa Jenkins
Published on June 12, 2014
A fence between Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises and Harbour Grace Cold Storage was damaged when this crane tipped over on June 12.
Photo by Melissa Jenkins

Neil Cooper, safety manager for Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises, told The Compass that adherence to safety procedures is one of the reason there were no injuries during an incident that took place on Harbour Grace Wharf this morning (June 12).

A large mobile crane, owned by Simms Garage Ltd. in Carbonear, tipped over, taking down part of the neighbouring fence to Harbour Grace Cold Storage. The reason is not yet known, but it was in operation during the fall.

The crane was being used to load and rearrange containers on a barge.

It is being held up by built-in stabilizers on one side. The arm is bent at one of the joints, where it landed on the wire fence.

Cooper explained there have been many safety regulations implemented at Ocean Enterprises, which came in handy in this situation.

“There was no one under the load,” he said. “We’ve been telling everyone (in safety meetings) not to go under the load. So no one was there (when it fell).”

The operator, who was an employee of Simms, was the only person directly involved. He was not injured in the incident.

An investigation into the cause is underway, but Cooper couldn’t give a timeframe on when details would be available.

The incident has not affected work, besides on the barge, at either work site.