Third sister to receive top cadet award

Melissa Jenkins
Published on June 18, 2014
Clarissa Garland (centre) was the third in her family to receive the prestigious Lord Strathcona medal for cadets. Her sisters Michaela (left) and Chantae were also recipients.
Photo by Melissa Jenkins

May 25 was a proud day for Chief Petty Officer Second Class Clarissa Garland, who was the recipient of the Lord Strathcona Medal at the 295 Baccalieu sea cadets annual ceremonial review.

The medal is the highest award to be bestowed upon a cadet, but that was only part of the reason she was so proud.

Clarissa, who is in Level II at Baccalieu Collegiate, is the third in her family to receive the high honour. Older sisters Michaela, 20, and Chantae, 18, were previous recipients.

Clarissa said she's been striving for excellence the whole year, in hopes of earning the top honour, adding that it felt "amazing." Cadets are a big part of the girls' family.

Their mom, Juanita Button, was a cadet with the same corps when it first began 29 years ago.

Clarissa was also the recipient of the dress and deportment award, which was handed out at the awards banquet after the ACR.