Carbonear Academy students collect pop tabs for wheelchair

Melissa Jenkins
Published on June 27, 2014
Grade 5 graduates Hayley Power (left), Kyle Short (centre) and Emma Keats were a part of a group of students who have been collecting pop can tabs since October to purchase a wheelchair for the Janeway.
Photo by Melissa Jenkins

Don't be surprised if, for the next three years, several students at Carbonear Academy ask for the tab off your pop or juice cans

Hayley Power, Kyle Short, Emma Keats, Hailee Hoyles, Hannah Doyle and Jasmine Crawford, recently graduated Grade 5 students, have turned recycling at their school into something bigger.

The group began collecting the aluminum tabs in October, and to-date have collected several hundred thousand.

But why pop can tabs?

Turns out, the legend is true that collecting the tabs can generate enough income to purchase a wheelchair. But they are not ready to cash in yet.

The magic number of tabs to cash in has to "fill a bathtub."

The students and teachers, Suzanne Chafe (Grade 5) and Judy Hoyles (Grade 6), believe that to be around one million tabs.

On June 25, the students showed The Compass three big boxes and a large plastic tote filled to the top with the collected tabs, but this is just the beginning.

"The students expect to keep going while they are here at Carbonear Academy," Mrs. Chafe explained.

There are signs around the school telling students, teachers, other staff and visitors that they could drop off their tabs at Mrs. Chafe's classroom this year, explaining that they wanted to donate a wheelchair to a sick child in need at the Janeway. Next year, they'll be able to drop them off to Mrs. Hoyles classroom.