Bay Roberts trotting out dog park

Nicholas Mercer
Published on June 9, 2014

The Town of Bay Roberts has plenty of parks for its bipedal residents.

The Town of Bay Roberts has plenty of parks for its bipedal residents.

And, now officials with the community are looking after its four-legged residents with the upcoming implementation of a dog park.

The park, located off of Delaneys Ave. in Shearstown, will be a place where the residents of the Conception Bay North community can bring their canine companions.

Nestled between two sets of houses in quiet part of town, the area was once used as a ball field but has been vacant since the field was decommissioned.

The field offers plenty of space for the park. At the far end of the space, there is access to the banks of Shearstown Pond.

“It’s a beautiful area,” said Ian Flynn, director of recreation.

The town is starting with baby steps in the construction of the park. The chain link fence for the animals is expected to be up and ready in the next couple of days.

Then, Flynn noted, the plan includes the beautification of the area, which will include several park benches and a sitting area along the shores of the pond.

“It’s going to be a nice little community area for the residents,” he said.

Before getting the process started on the construction of the park, the town made sure to keep residents in the area in the loop.

Flynn said residents were canvassed about the idea.

“They were all supportive,” he said.


Demand high

A dog park has been something high on the recreation department’s priority list for some time.

Residents have long called for one, and it was a budget item this year.

“There has been very high demand for it,” said Flynn.

It is believed this is the first such park in the CBN region.

The director is confident the park will be a popular destination for dog users in the region.

“I think it’s something you’re starting to see more of in towns our size,” said Flynn. “We have a number of recreation sites, but people can’t walk their dogs on ball fields … so to put dogs and dog users in their a safe environment, it’s much needed and will only add to what we already have.”



One dog lover who is excited to let his pet loose in the park also happens to be the town’s mayor.

“Dukie loves to play with dogs,” said Philip Wood of his chocolate Labrador retriever. “It’s hard when you’re walking him on the road and he’s dragging you to meet the other dogs.”

The mayor called the park a “great opportunity” for his community’s pet owners to get out.

“There are a lot of people in the area excited,” said Wood.