Athletes earn top awards at Carbonear Collegiate

Melissa Jenkins
Published on July 15, 2014
Courtney Coombs (left) and Gregory Butt took home the Level III athlete of the year awards for Carbonear Collegiate for 2013-14 last month.
Photo by Pam Whelan

Carbonear Collegiate’s class of 2014 has two graduates who have proven themselves to be successful, not just in the classroom but through their many athletic achievements.

Courtney Coombs of Harbour Grace and Gregory Butt from Victoria have been honoured with the school’s athlete of the year awards, and for good reason.

The two 17-year-olds have been achieving greatness in sports for many years, and this year proved their hard work has paid off.

Both have also proved their ability to balance work and school by working part time at the same workplace, McDonalds.

Two years in a row

Courtney, who is the daughter of school chair, Don Coombs, and Glenda Garland-Coombs, is no stranger to athletic recognition.

As a coach of the Aero Tennis Club this summer, Courtney is giving back to the sports community in Harbour Grace, the town that helped mould her into an athlete. She also helps with the local soccer hut and helped with the Conception Bay North indoor soccer program in Harbour Grace.

She completed Level III with a 95 average, and contributes much of her time to volunteering for community events, including the Trinity Conception Placentia hHealth Foundation auction.

Just last year Courtney earned the Town of Harbour Grace athlete of the year award for her hard work and dedication at the Newfoundland and Labrador Summer Games, which was co-hosted by her hometown and neighbouring Carbonear. She was named athlete of the year for her school for 2012-13 as well.

“I (never) dreamed I would get it two years in a row,” Courtney told The Compass after the ceremony late last month. “It was amazing.”

Courtney participated in the Summer Games in tennis and ball hockey, and earned the most valuable player awards for ball hockey and volleyball for school. She also received a medal for the annual Harvest Run.

In 2009, Courtney was a member of the provincial girls’ soccer team who travelled to England to participate in a soccer expedition. Her sister Paige and dad Don also took part in the event. Both are soccer coaches in Harbour Grace.

Some of the other sports Courtney has been a part of during her life include karate, soccer, basketball, swimming, figure skating, hockey, rowing, badminton, softball and more.

Courtney hopes to become a physiotherapist, something that is important to her because she is an athlete. She will attend College of the North Atlantic in Carbonear for a transfer year in September, and continue on to complete a degree in kinesiology.

Academics and athletics

Gregory is the son to Karen and Ross Butt of Victoria.

This honour student not only finished school with a 95 per cent average, but he has received many academic and athletic awards throughout the years.

The multi-talented young man is currently in Quebec, but took the time to send The Compass some information about his success.

Since Greg was three, he has been a part of the local minor soccer association, where he has earned several awards, including the distinguished MVP award. He was the captain of the 2013-14 Carbonear Collegiate soccer team.

He has coached minor soccer, has played with various Conception Bay North teams and at the men’s intermediate level, where he earned gold and silver medals.

In elementary and junior high school, he was also named male athlete of the year.

He has earned scholarships for his academics, having taken home the Maud Bowers Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to an athlete with the highest grade in science.

His dedication to sports and his community have lead Greg to spend a lot of time volunteering. He has taken part in soccer clinics with elementary school students during winter and was a Cub leader with the first Victoria Cubs. He also has musical talent.

Besides soccer, Greg has a long list of extracurricular activities, including basketball, volleyball, softball, badminton and the school jazz band.

His ambition, however, is connected to another passion of his — languages. He hopes to study French and Spanish in University. Greg has also learned some Portuguese while assisting some exchange students from Brazil.

He spent two summers following Level I and II at College Saint-Charles-Garnier in Quebec, adding to his love for languages.

He will begin a transfer year at College of the North Atlantic in Carbonear this September, then head to Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador next fall.

Although his ambition doesn’t necessarily connect with some of his more athletic talents, he does value good health and wellness, and says physical activities will continue to remain part of his lifestyle.


Other awards that were presented at the ceremony were:

SoccerMale, Patrick Jayne; Female, Susan Hardy and Morgan Clarke; Grade 9 female, Alliah Jayne;

• Softball — male, Kaiden Clarke; female, Emily Kennedy;

• Cross Country — male, Mark Peddle; female, Allison Somers;

• Volleyball — female, Courtney Coombs;

• Basketball — male, Trent Clarke; female, Emily Kennedy;

• Ball hockey — male, Kaiden Clarke; female, Courtney Coombs;

• Ice hockey — male, Mitchell Peddle;

• Grade 9 athlete of the year — male, Matthew Hoyles; female — Emily Kennedy;

• Level I athlete of the year — male, Mark Ryan; female — Jasmine Slade;

• Level II athlete of the year — male, Kaiden Clarke; female, Morgan Clarke and Susan Hardy;

• Band — male, Devin Neil; female, Laura Groves;

• Choir — male, Mike White; female, Alyssa Broomfield;

• Drama — male, Jacob Elyk; female, Erin Jones.