Bluffing Beauties at Carbonear Collegiate

Melissa Jenkins
Published on July 2, 2014

The betting beauties of Carbonear Collegiate are, from left, Ashley Harris, Laura Broaders, Danielle Parsons, Rebecca Leaman, Courtney Coombs and Johannah Hancock

©Photo by Melissa Jenkins

Carbonear Collegiate prom brings out the poker sharks in some sophisticated graduates

Carbonear Collegiate transformed into the Las Vegas strip on June 26 during 2014 prom celebrations.

A group of female graduates dropped into the “casino” for an intense game of poker, but with style. The well-dressed high rollers gave the game a touch of class.

These six friends put on their poker faces and got right down to business, dealing cards, making bets and hiding their hands from other players.

The game ended the same way it began, with style.

For more photos from the prom, pick up a copy of July 7, 2014 print edition of The Compass.