Placentia regatta a successful tradition

Melissa Jenkins
Published on July 21, 2014

There was a running theme this year for many of the Placentia female rowing teams at the town’s 51st annual regatta Saturday, July 19 — the colours pink and black.

Rowers from all age groups chose the bright and dark colours, and decided to remain consistent with all local teams that were interested.

Squirt girls, senior ladies and many in between wore both, but coxswain Matt Foley joked his six teams just wanted to see him in pink. But the colours must have brought about some luck, because all six of Foley’s teams medaled.

The races went on time, with teams participating from Placentia, Harbour Grace and St. John’s, the big three in provincial rowing.

Although the host town didn’t have any participants in the championship races, many teams stuck around to cheer on their favourites and take in a few games before vendors left the venue.

In the end, the event was a successful one.

The following are some highlights from the Placentia Regatta.


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